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Personal Fitness Profile The sport I have chosen is hockey,

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Personal Fitness Profile The sport I have chosen is hockey, I was first introduced into the sport hockey at my primary school where we would play games and compete against other schools in the area. In my secondary school, I became friends with some sporty people and in hockey practice one suggested that I attend the local team with her. So for over two years we have played religiously for them and I intend to do so for as long as possible. I am fifteen years old and I take part in hockey in and out of school I play for the local team and I have played for the school team since my first year of secondary school and I am still playing. ...read more.


My aim is to improve my speed because when I am playing hockey as a defender and an attacker runs past me toward the goal, I need to be able to get in front of the attacker and intercept the ball. Secondly I aim to improve my stamina this is because when playing a hockey match I cannot perform as well in the first ten minutes, as I do in the last ten minutes. I need to be able to keep the same level of energy and ensure a good performance throughout a whole hockey match. The training method we have chosen is circuit training as it is very adaptable as the different stations can improve different components. The level can be increased or decreased by altering the work time and the rest time. ...read more.


I have asthma, and this medical condition may prevent my stamina and speed from improving. My asthma will interfere with my improvements as when i am running or exercising, I may experience difficulty with my breathing therefore having to stop and take my inhaler. I may even experience an asthma attack therefore affecting my results of improvements. Activity Monday Walk to and from school, twenty minutes each way. Ballet Dancing for an hour. Tuesday Walk to and from school, twenty minutes each way. Boxercise (keep fit) 50minutes Wednesday Hockey training for an hour. Thursday Walk to and from school, twenty minutes each way. Dancing for an hour and a half. Friday Walk to and from school, twenty minutes each way Saturday Sunday Hockey match's, for an hour and a half. Walking for two hours. ...read more.

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