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personal plan

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Sport Science Coursework Corrections. Programme. The aim of this Programme I 'am going to do, will be concentrating on how I could improve on my health and fitness, with support of enrolling a sport that I enjoy. The six week trail period that I have set up, was meant to gain me the things that I said that I had to improve on, like working on getting more muscle for more explosive power. Specificity: In this area I'll be talking about the circuit I have designed to follow, so that I will improve my overall work load. I will need to improve my muscular endurance, muscular strength, my speed and agility. F-frequency, this means how many times I will repeat a certain exercise. I-Intensity, this means how hard I will be working during an exercise. T- time, How long the training will be going on for. T-type, The sort of training I will taking to improve my principles. ...read more.


warming up help the cardiovascular system to be getting into a good standard. Also warming up helps us to get our mental thinking on the exercise that we are going to do, so in my case playing football. Warming up helps my joints to loosen. Warming up will help to loosen my muscles so that they will be at a better standard to be working at. Warming up includes running around and stretching aimly for all kinds of sport. But for me specifically I also like to warm up with a ball half of the time I' am warming up, this means running with the ball, and having the ball under control. Warming down. warming down is a very crucial exercise, which should be dome lightly, to end a physical programme because it helps the muscles to relax. Warming down will help a lesser player have less of an injuries. ...read more.


Also it will raise my heart rate. After my warming I'll have to do some stretches, the stretches that I'll have to do will involve stretching the neck muscles, the arm muscles by rotating the arm, the leg muscles and then rotating the ankle to loosen it. Each stretch that I'll be doing will be held for 10 seconds. These are some of the muscles that I'll be stretching: Hamstring Quadriceps Deltoids triceps biceps trapezium Gastrocnemiuis These are the joints that I'll be loosening. These contain lubricating liquids. The ball and socket joint in the hip and the shoulders etc.. The pivot joints in the neck etc.. the gliding joint like the ankle With the cones I'll be making a stations, these stations will consist of different exercises for me to do. At the first stations I'll have to sprint there, then sprint back, and repeat that that about 4 times, then I'll be on the second stations. With this station I'll be trying to do as many press ups as I could do for a minute. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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