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Physical Education: Personal Exercise Plan Evaluation

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PEP Evaluation I think that my Personal Exercise Plan has been effective because I implemented the use of various training principles. My initial aim was to improve my speed, agility and cardiovascular fitness as I consider these to be the key components of fitness and these were my weaknesses in my Rounders performance. At the beginning of my 6 week training programme I tested my speed with a timed 30m dash, I tested my agility and I tested my cardiovascular fitness with the Multistage Fitness test. I did not overexert myself in the first week of my programme as I understood that I would need to use principle of Progression to gradually work my way into training. I continued with my usual running commitments but I also added some simple ball throwing and catching exercises against a wall to my schedule. ...read more.


I did continuous training like 2800m runs, which improved my Muscular Endurance and also my cardiovascular endurance because in middle-distance running your heart needs to be able to work efficiently to supply oxygen to all muscle groups. In a continuous session I worked my hard for about 15 minutes so I was training aerobically. Although my somatotype is not naturally suited to distance running, after about 3 weeks with 1 continuous session per week, I saw that my body progressed and I was able to run 2800m quite easily. After this I asked my coach to increase the intensity of the sessions, so I began to run 4000m. This relates to the FITT principle. My intermittent sessions changed each week in relation to the FITT principle. The sessions were mainly based on sprinting so we trained using intervals; these were the short breaks of recovery which we needed to repay the Oxygen Debt in anaerobic training. ...read more.


At the end of the 6 week programme I once again tested my speed, agility and cardiovascular fitness. The results showed that I had made a significant improvement in all of these. I also expected to see a change in my muscle definition and slight muscle hypertrophy of my biceps and triceps but I was disappointed to see that my body shape had not changed. If I were to progress with my programme I would continue to use the FITT principle in relation to my training sessions. I would adapt my sessions over a period of time then would change it again as the body needs to needs to overload in order to improve. I enjoyed the training programme because I took part in activities which I find interesting. Exercise also helps physically, mentally and socially. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chenice Moses 11DS Mrs Taylor ...read more.

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