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Plan for Two Circuit Training Sessions.

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Plan for Two Circuit Training Sessions. In this task I will be planning two circuit training sessions including a warm up and a cool down. The two types of circuit I will be doing are a general circuit and a specific circuit. The Purpose of Circuit Training Circuit training is a good form of training. Each stage of the circuit is set up to work a different muscle group so that when carrying out the circuit you are working the different areas of the body and getting an all round better work out. Depending on how much you want from the circuit depends on motivation and how much effort is put into each stage. Like anything is 100% is put in you will get 100% out. Warm Up Before carrying out and type of training it is essential that you carry out a full warm up to prevent injury. Doing a warm up does exactly what it says, it warms up all the muscles that you are going to use during training and stretches them to make them flexible and able to get the most out of the exercise. ...read more.


A basic warm down would include: * Gentle jog into walk to keep the body warm and to use up the lactic acid. * Light stretching held for longer that the warm up to prevent cramp and possible pulling of muscles after a work out. * A hot shower after training will loosen joints and refresh the body after training. Circuit One The first circuit I am going to plan is a basic general circuit, which works the main muscle groups. General circuits are ideal for those who want to reach a good level of fitness and those who want to maintain a good standard of fitness. In a basic circuit there would be a number of stages, these stages can consist of activities such as: * Sit-ups - the person has to lay down on back with their knees bent and has to sit up to 90 degrees. Sit-ups are good for building up abdominal muscles. * Press-ups - the person has to lower and raise their body facing down, bending their arms to 90 degrees. ...read more.


* Shuttle run * Sit-ups * "Chipping ball into a hoop - focuses on a player's chipping ability and accuracy, hoops placed 5m apart. Place a ball behind the line and chip it so it bounces in the first hoops, second hoop, third hoop etc." * "Shooting - place two cones 5m apart, then line up five balls 10m away from the cones and one cone 2m behind each ball. Strike the first ball then turn around and sprint around the cone and strike the next ball then turn around and sprint round the cone etc. This will improve muscular strength and accuracy." * Burpees * Dribbling - team event focuses on ball control. Dribble a ball in and out of cones and sprint back to the end of the line. * Passing - team event focuses on passing and ball control. Make a rectangle, circle, squre etc and passed the ball across the ground to each other gradually taking less touches and picking up the pace. * Warm down - similar to general warm down but again like the warm up focusing on the leg muscles. Fitness Task 1 ...read more.

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