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Planning of training program for football.

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planning of training program i doing my training program on football you need alot of fitness to play in midfeild and you need to stay away from injuries and hope to keep your performance level high. I will inhance my play by setting my self achievable targets, i will go for a run around my park for 12 minutes and see how many laps i will do i hope to do 15 laps, I hope to do 70 kick ups in 2 minutes with out the ball hitting the floor and i hope to do 50 press ups and 50 sit ups to enhance my strenght. I will grade my self by every task i complete if it takes a long time i will grade that to a task which is very easy different i will grade my self out of 10 and grade my self every day. ...read more.


There are alot of risks of getting injured in football. Potential risks in my program is if i try and push my self to far and pull amuscle or do something like that. I will always have a warm up before i do my training i will warm up all the muscles in my body that i am going to use in that exercise and all the muscles that are at risk during that exercise. I will make sure that well i am running on the road that i dont slip over or make sure that i am not in the way of on coming traffic. I will mthe order of activities as easiest first then gradually go to the harder activities. ...read more.


The programme is suitable because the targets that are set can be acheived because i have made the programme so that not just i can do it that everyone can do it if they keep to the programme. There is alot of balance in my programme because you are not always running but you are praticing your strenght and not just your agility or balance. I have referred my programme to the principals of sport by trying to base my traing programme on the by using balance strenght, speed, agility etc. I will check my heart rate every time i have finished every exercise, i will then make these down on a chart to see if there i9s any differences. ...read more.

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