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Planning, Performing and Evaluating a Five Week Personal Training Schedule - (From Intro to Pre-Testing)

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Introduction The sport I have chosen to improve during my 5 week personal training schedule is rounders. Experience I started playing rounders at age 10, and since then have taken part in several different competitions, including: * School-Run Tournaments * City League, in which this year we tied for 1st place * GDST Rounders Tournament - a regional competition for GDST schools in which we finished in 2nd place * I also regularly attend the school club once a week in the summer term * Also in the summer term I have 4 / 5 PE lessons per week and at least 2 of these are rounders training * I also recently helped to coach the Year 7 girls in their weekly school club The aim of my program is to plan, perform and evaluate an effective personal training schedule. I have decided to choose rounders as it is a sport that I really enjoy, and I wish to progress further and join a club outside of school. The definition of fitness is: a variety of factors which combine to give a sportsperson an efficient body, able to cope with a high degree of physical demand. Fitness is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, free from illness and injury. ...read more.


I also wish to improve power to enable me to hit and throw the ball further, as I feel I am not playing to my full potential. This, again, will improve my effectiveness in a game. Currently I do not have any major injuries or health problems which would prevent me from achieving my maximum. Target: At the end of the five weeks I am hoping to have moved up a level on the multi stage fitness test; however my main concern is that my effectiveness in a game improves due to an increase in cardiovascular fitness and power. Safety In order to ensure that I am safe in my activities, I am going to follow these safety procedures: 1. I will wear the correct clothing and footwear required for each activity 2. I will ensure I am not wearing any jewellery when exercising 3. I will check any of the equipment which is needed for a particular activity and ensure I use it safely 4. I will ensure I am supervised in any activities which require supervision 5. If the activity is a team sport, I will ensure I abide by the rules to prevent injury to myself and my team-mates or opposition. 6. If the activity requires it, I will wear any protective equipment that is necessary 7. ...read more.


Below average Poor Male > 2.01m 2.00 - 1.86m 1.85 - 1.76m 1.75 - 1.65m < 1.65m Female >1.66m 1.65 - 1.56 1.55 - 1.46m 1.45 - 1.35m < 1.35cm I have highlighted where my results would fit into this, and it shows that my results are excellent compared to the national averages. The sergeant jump involves standing beside a wall with a tape measure held up against the wall, and from a static position, jumping and reaching up as high as possible. A measurement of the highest point reached by the hand is taken. Again, I repeated this five times and this table shows my measurements: Jump Initial Measurement (m) Second Measurement (m) Difference in Measurements (m) Jump 1 2.2 2.47 0.27 Jump 2 2.2 2.46 0.26 Jump 3 2.2 2.48 0.28 Jump 4 2.2 2.46 0.26 Jump 5 2.2 2.47 0.27 Average 2.2 2.47 0.27 The following table shows the analysis of results for 16 - 19 year olds, (however I will take into account that I am not 16 for another 9 months): Gender Excellent Above average Average Below average Poor Male >65cm 50 - 65cm 40 - 49cm 30 - 39cm <30cm Female >58cm 47 - 58cm 36 - 46cm 26 - 35cm <26cm Again, I have highlighted where my results would fit, and found that I fell into the below average range. ?? ?? ?? ?? 5 ...read more.

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