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Planning, performing, monitoring and evaluating a health related exercise/ training including a warm- up and warm- down

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Module: Planning, performing, monitoring and evaluating a health related exercise/ training including a warm- up and warm- down Fitness Programme GCSE P.E. Name: Martin MacLeod Sport/Activity: Rugby Union PLANNING My aims for this programme are: � Develop Good Passing and Kicking for Rugby � Increase Upper Body Strength � Increase Stamina Safety areas to take into consideration are: � Balls are used behind nets and in the right area. � Surface must be wiped � Equipment set out correctly and stored correctly � First Aid Kit must be ready � Warm Ups/Downs must be done correctly � Don't overwork/stress the body � Correct kit must be worn including footwear � Weather must be appropriate for outdoor activities (Kicking) When I chose the specific activities for my circuit I had to consider what was general fitness and specific fitness. There were some general fitness activities I wanted to work on core fitness leading on to specific areas to work on. I wanted the circuit to be balanced so I also develop all round. These areas are: � Strength � Flexibility � Endurance � Speed � Agility I will be able to test these areas at the end of the programme. The activities I will use to achieve these are: No Description Number achieved in one minute Date Date Date 1 Passing 18 20 20 20 2 Triceps Dips 45 48 50 55 3 Skipping 40 47 50 ...read more.


In addition to that I had Circuit training similar to my circuit once a week. This would increase the frequency of activity and I would adapt to the workload given. I don't think I over worked otherwise I would have not received any benefit from exercising. Warming Up and Down: This was a crucial part of each session. This ensured no pulled or stretched muscles were going to occur during each session. When warming up I always start with a light jog to get blood flowing to all the muscles. Then I work on specific areas using isometric contraction. I usually start at one end of the body and work up/down the way. My circuit uses a lot of different muscle groups including the pectorals, biceps, and triceps so I need to stretch all of them. When Cooling down I do a similar procedure to gradually drop the pulse rate. If I suddenly stop, the blood may 'pool' and cause clotting in the veins. Cooling down also removes lactic acid from the muscles so I will avoid cramps and fatigued muscles. If I did I would miss training sessions to recover and the workload will drop again. It is important to maintain fitness all the way through. EVALUATING Evaluation 1: (On Paper with Mr. Williams) Evaluation 2: Now I have experimented with each activity and have made adjustments to suit the level I am working at. ...read more.


If I was re-tested on the bleep test I think there would be an increase. Most of the improvement would come from the shuttles because it is the same movement, also overall stamina from completing the circuit many times. I had to alter the layout of the circuit twice before getting suitable for the activity. I felt that the changes enabled me to have no 'resting stations' and continuously work at a high intensity. My pulse rate was well in my training zone, and that achieved the main purpose of the circuit. It also achieves one of my aims and that is to improve stamina. I have felt differences while playing in games and I am generally pleased with the results of this programme. Some improvements I would make are that there is always a wait in some activities until your turn. This cannot be solved because of the large numbers. Also I didn't have a session where I could practice kicking. This was mainly due that there wasn't anyone else doing it and it would take me away from the circuit too long. The circuit was indoors so the weather didn't affect anything. I felt that I worked in the boundary of not working hard enough and stressing to hard. There wasn't a time when I felt very fatigued and had muscle cramps, or when I wasn't tired and under loading. From this I know I have made an improvement and I am pleased. ...read more.

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