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GCSE PE COURSEWORK PLANNING, PERFORMING, MONITORING AND EVALUATING A HEALTH-RELATED FITNESS EXERCISE/TRAINING PROGRAMME CONTENTS SECTION 1 - PLANNING (i) Purpose/Aim of programme (ii) Awareness of safety (iii) Appropriates of exercise/techniques used (iv) Principles of Training - SPORT SECTION 2 - PERFORMING (i) Implementation (ii) Safe/Efficient Execution of exercises (iii) Attitude and motivation (iv) Effective and appropriate warm-up/warm-down SECTION 3 - MONITORING (i) Table of results (ii) Brief review of each session (iii) Recording heart rate (iv) Recording recovery rate (v) Concluding statement/summary details SECTION 4 - EVALUATING (i) Evaluation of planning the programme (ii) Evaluation of performing the programme (iii) Evaluation of monitoring the programme (iv) Final evaluation/appraisal of the programme SECTION 1 - PLANNING (i) Purpose/Aim Of the Programme For my GCSE coursework I will have to design and complete a training programme to improve performance. The sport which I have chosen for this is Hockey. I have chosen this sport as it is the main sport which I enjoy most, and I think that I could use this opportunity to improve a lot in the game. The aspects of fitness which are needed for Hockey are: * Endurance - Having the ability to work for long period of time, and not becoming tired. This is found in hockey as we need to be able to give out best efforts for the long period of time in a match. * Agility - Having the ability to change the body's positions quickly and being able to control the movement. We find this in hockey when moving to receive the ball or interrupting a pass from the opposition. * Speed - Having the ability to move quickly. This is found in hockey when we have to sprint to receive a fast ball or to get into the shooting area as fast as possible. * Power - Having the ability to contract our muscles with a large amount of speed and strength. ...read more.


Week four 60 seconds work 30 seconds rest Week five 70 seconds work 30 seconds rest Before we start our exercise, we will be recording our heart rate. Then after we have finished our exercise we will record it again, and then every minute for 5 minutes after that. This will allow us to see how our heart rate responds to the exercise and examine if our fitness level is increasing and how much by throughout the training sessions. (iv) Principles of Training - SPORT Specificity - We must focus on what we need to train for and be specific about the components at which we are looking at. E.g. for hockey I am looking at power, reaction time and speed. Progression - We must increase how long we train for when we are thinking about a specific sport, increasing the training make us more able to do it, and more aware about what components we are improving on most. E.g. in my training programme, instead of doing 2 minutes of training, we could increase it to 4, and we will increase it every week. Overload - We can increase how hard we work, this makes the training programme more intense and we gain more fitness from doing this. E.g. we could make the circuit more challenging throughout the 5 weeks of training. Reversibility - If we do not stick to our training programme, we would be at the risk of losing our fitness which we have built up. We would also be less able to work for long periods of time. E.g. if we trained 3 times a week, and we stopped doing that, we would be less able than others to do it, as we are not ready for the intensity, as it needs to be built up gradually. Tedium - If we do not make our circuit interesting, or do not adjust it to make it interesting, we wont be as enthusiastic about doing the training, and therefore become less willing to take part. ...read more.


111 105 110 111 2 mins after 101 106 100 102 102 3 mins after 99 101 93 89 88 4 mins after 91 94 85 81 81 5 mins after 80 81 77 76 74 My results show that my recover me is getting quicker each week, this show a sign that I have gained fitness throughout the program. PRE TESTS & RE TESTS BEFORE AFTER Sit and Reach 10 cm 12 cm Abdominal Curls 42 54 12 minute cooper run 1998m 2000m Standing broad jump 1m 28 cm 1m 50cm (v) Concluding statement My results show that my fitness has defiantly improved throughout the five strenuous weeks of training for different periods of time. The results also show that the repetitions of the activities I did in my circuit have also increased. My recovery rate also shows that I have gained fitness as it has gone down from 80 beats per minute to 74 beats per minute. My speed has increased a lot as I am now able to run through a series of cones 5 times in nearly 2 minutes. I feel that my components of fitness have improve a lot, I am able to use my legs for a longer period of time, and they are more powerful and I can react better when using the ball to dribble. I am pleased with my results, I think that they show a great deal of improvement from when I first started the program; they have made me extremely happy. SECTION 4 - EVALUATION 1. Evaluation of planning the program I feel that when planning my circuit training program, I tired my hardest to plan it all with consistency an accuracy and I feel I have achieved that I was able to do my circuit at the end. I did stick to all my plans and recommendations during my circuit, so I was sure that no injury would occur when doing it. ?? ?? ?? ?? P.E G.C.S.E Coursework Stacey Tunstall 10GHu ...read more.

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