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positive and negative influences on participation

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Poverty is when people haven't got enough money to live their lives properly. It is the lack of basic resources needed to enjoy a full life. It affects participation in sports, because they just about have enough money to buy food and clothes and they do not have extra money to spend on leisure activities and things that they like to do. The main sports that need much money to participate in are football, basketball and boxing. They do not require expensive facilities. However this is not the case for sports that require expensive facilities such as: swimming, golf, polo and tennis. I think very poor areas have produced world class athletes because people such as Diego Maradona grew up from a poor background and growing up he couldn't afford much and was very poor and football was the only way out of a rubbish life. They don't have many things to do so they would be doing it all day and because they couldn't afford anything to practice with they would use a rag or something round. The fact that he used to do this all day long meant that he got really good at it. In Britain we now have a development fund that encourages poorer people to apply for funding in their local areas. Education is an important social influence on participation. School education encourages young people to take up active recreations and sports. ...read more.


This could be overcome by building more disabled facilities in sports centres around the country. Natural resources such as beaches and mountains influence people to do specific sports because if you lived near a beach then this would influence you to do more beach activities because it is access. Also of you lived in or near a snowy mountain then you may be influenced to do winter sports or any other sports that require a mountain because there is a lot of access to it and you hardly have to travel or make an effort to use it or get to it. If you lived in Cornwall then you would be more likely to become a surfer than if you lived in Great Wyrley because there is a lot of access to beaches and seas where you can practice whereas in Great Wyrley there isn't any access to a beach at nearby. Elite clubs fit into this category because some people may not have a lot of access to them and they may influence what sports you do because they make them more fun and a whole family can do them together and may influence you to take the sport up. The general attitude towards disability sports is that most people think that disabled people shouldn't be allowed to participate in sports because they aren't made too, but they still do the same things as non-disabled people. ...read more.


The eastern European experience shows that politics can make a big difference to participation in sport and recreation. In the UK today central government supplies local authorities with a large part of the money they have to spend on sports facilities. In the UK the national lottery funds a lot of sporting facilities and organisations. We are still some way from having an effective organisation for sport in the UK. Tradition and culture is your religion or what you believe in. Tradition is an inherited pattern of thought or action. Culture is a particular society and the attitudes and behaviour in those societies. This influences sporting choices because in some Islamic cultures, some people think that women should not go out in public unless they cover their arms and legs. Due to this they, either take part in sport and get criticised or they don't participate in sport at all. If something about sport is against or not with their culture or tradition then they are less likely to participate. India and Pakistan have really good cricket teams. If you were to be in that culture then you would probably be more influenced to play cricket as this is the sport that they are mostly good at. Tradition may affect sporting choices too because back in 1993, the government thought that women shouldn't mix with men at sporting activities and this may influence someone to do different sports than the boys because it was the tradition at the time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy.Savigar Mr.Hardman P.e ...read more.

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