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Potential hazards and injuries in sport.

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1. List the potential hazards of each of the following areas: * Court areas - friction when falling over * Playing fields - the ground could get you injuries, people with wrong equipment might not be able to play * Sports Halls - maybe equipment lying round, friction burns * Weights Room - people using the wrong weights and not knowing the proper technique * Swimming Pools - slippery decks, water quality, diving boards, pool slides 2. Injury Prevention - List 10 things that can prevent injury Stretching, equipment, clothing, correct techniques, refreezes, environment is safe, balancing competition, rest, being fit and health diet 3. ...read more.


can vary in size and seriousness * dehydration (internally) when the body loses a lot of water * exhaustion/fatigue (internally) when the body gets tired from a lot of physical work * ligament injuries (internally) when a ligament is stretched * winding (externally) - difficulty breathing when getting hit around the stomch/chest * hypothermia (internally) rapid cooling of the body, temperature drops very quickly * muscle injuries (internally) - when a muscle becomes torn due to not stretching * impact injuries - (externally) fractures (what different types of fracture are there?) * Closed - when the bone breaks but stays inside the skin * Open - when the bone breaks and comes out through the skin 5. ...read more.


clothes * muscle injuries - rest, stretches, ice, put on some support bandage * impact injuries - rest, ice, see a doctor, get a badnage 7. What is meant by RICE in relationship to injury treatment? Rest - stop and rest the injury Ice - apply some ice to reduce the swelling and relieves some pain Compression - put on some sort of support such as a bandage to put some pressure on the injury Elevation - raising the injured body part to decrease the circulation to the area and drain away other fluids Extension: What injuries have you suffered in your sporting career to date. fractured and dislocated my arm. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE PE - Physical demands of performance - Injury ...read more.

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It's important to identify the COMMAND VERB before you start writing .. this is the word that will suggest how much detail you should go into.

Marked by teacher Lindsay Taverner 08/02/2012

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