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PPP - Basketball

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P.P.P My name is Joe and I am 16 years old, almost 17. I have measured my height and I am 6 feet tall. I have chosen to focus my PPP on Basketball. I have picked basketball because I find it interesting tactically, I would like to improve my level of play and above all I enjoy it. I have done basketball as one of the sports in my PE GCSE and we got a basketball coach in and he taught us a fair bit of skills and what to do in different situations. I would like to improve my stamina in the sport to increase the speed I play and how consistent I am. Also I think this will help me improve my agility as I see these as my weaknesses. My strength, I think is my jumping height and I believe focusing on my stamina will build-up my overall strength within the sport. My improvements will be made within the 6 weeks I have to complete a training programme. Speed is the ability to perform a movement in a short period of time. This is essential in basketball, for example to be able to sprint back to defend after shot for the basket misses and the opponents get the ball. Suppleness is the ability to bend as far as possible at your joints. Suppleness can be used when trying to defend against an attack and bending your arms enough to block a pass/ shot. Strength is the power of action or resistance i.e.: taking a punch in boxing or giving a punch in boxing because you need to have some degree of strength. The magnitude of physical strength, often referred to as just strength, determines the ability of a person to exert force on physical objects using muscles. You would need strength in basketball when jumping up to either defend or score. ...read more.


They go on to explain, "To a weightlifter, this means that it is possible to synchronize the efforts of leg, back, shoulder, and arm muscles to lift a heavier weight above the head (as in a jerk) than is possible with the arms alone (as in press). To a basketball player, it means that the force he can pass on to the ball ranges from that required for a long two-handed set shot to that required for a tip-in a few inches from the basket." Therefore, beginning at the ball, each of the following adds to the total transmitted force: o A forward action of the wrists and fingers. o A sudden extension of the arm, snapping the shoulder and elbow. o Rising to the balls of the feet. Obviously, with a jump shot, much of the energy generated is converted to altitude. The remaining force required must be provided by arms, wrist, and fingers. a. Timing or rhythm: The timing of a shot begins with getting the correct foot down for takeoff (jump shot) and ends with the follow-through and recovery. In a set-shot. Perfect timing results in a smooth, continuous thrust from the floor upward, developing a peak force at the fingertips, the instant before, and sustained through, fingertip release. In a jump-shot, body momentum decreases rapidly to zero and the shot must be timed so that fingertip release occurs just prior to the highest point of the jump. Any non-synchronized acceleration of the body or its members will directly affect the path after launching of the ball. b. Hand-eye coordination and fingertip control: All forces passed on to the ball by the shooter should pass through the fingertips. This technique allows the fingers to make fine trajectory adjustments at release and provides a soft natural backspin. By stating that the optimum trajectory is that which results in the ball's entering the basket at the highest possible angle equal with the lowest possible velocity, I will have said all that can be said about trajectory. ...read more.


Basketball can be a rewarding part of the curriculum for many students and teachers. England Basketball currently have limited copies of 'Coaching For Teachers Candidates Resource Pack' which are available to teachers, and provide help and advice on teaching Basketball as part of the curriculum. In my last year at my secondary school we had a basketball coach from the local team come in and show us some key skills needed for basketball. Over the few weeks I had learnt a lot to progress my own skills in basketball as a sport. The coach volunteered to come in so it was really lucky for him to come to our school as he was not being paid for it. At first he seemed very strict on how we should act in his lessons. When I frequently asked questions, his answers indicated that he was very experienced as he used to play and now coaches a decent local team. I went to a few out of school camps at a local sports centres which were run by the coach that was at my school, I enjoyed the different skill activities and situations that I was put in partly because I had done similar before and I knew what to do. This helped me to help other people which were new to this. At school when the coach left I read up the officiating rules for basketball and began to referee the games we had in PE lessons. England Basketball Tel: 0870 774 4225 England Basketball, First Floor, EIS, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA. www.englandbasketball.co.uk I live in Yorkshire and the regional structure for Yorkshire is Yorkshire basketball (www.up-t-hoop.co.uk) There is a number of leagues available at all different ages for basketball in my region. One of these is the Leeds and district basketball league which has just joined with the Bradford basketball league to form two men's divisions and one women's league. There are the Yorkshire boys team which was made for the younger basketball players hoping to make it professional. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joe Barker ...read more.

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