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Preparation for Sport Assignment 3

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Preparation for Sport - Assignment 3 Principles of Training Principles and Definitions Specificity - This is the effect each type of training has on the body. A training programme should be specific to the sport that it is attempted to improve. If the training programme is not related to the activity the sports performer is trying to improve on, it will be pointless and the changes to the body which are required will not take place. Progression - This is gradually building up the level of exercise or training to ensure that fitness continues to be developed. ...read more.


Reversibility - This can basically be described as 'use it or lose it'. This means improved ranges of movement can be achieved and maintained by regular use of mobility exercises. If an athlete stops mobility training, their ranges of movement will decline over time to those maintained their other physical activities. Tedium (Variation) - This means when there is a possibility of the sports performer becoming bored during training. Frequency - The frequency of exercise is a balance between providing just enough stress for the body to adapt to and allowing enough time for healing and adaptation to take place. ...read more.


For example, you could be a footballer so the type of training you will need is cardio respiratory training but if you were a shot putter, the type of training you will need is muscular endurance. Time - This is basically how long you should be exercising for. For example, you could train in sessions of 20-30 minutes or 45-60 minutes depending on the type of training you are doing. Personal Information Gender: Male Age: 16 Weight: 10 1/2 stone Height: 5' 8" Aspects of Fitness Component Marks out of 10 Agility 6/10 Co-ordination 6/10 Balance 7/10 Speed 7/10 Reaction Time 7/10 Power/Strength 8/10 Cardio Endurance 7/10 Muscular Endurance 8/10 Flexibility 5/10 Malik Spencer ...read more.

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