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Preperation of the Body : Hockey

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Prep of the body In hockey, there are three main types of fitness, which are essential for a successful performance. These three main types are physical, mental & skill-related fitness. Within these three types of fitness there are many fitness requirements, for example: All aspects of physical fitness include: power, local muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, and CRE. Everyone of these aspects is important, however, in hockey two of the main physical fitness requirements needed are speed and CRE as without these aspects, players would be unable to get back up the pitch into a position ahead of the attack, giving the opposing team a greater chance of scoring or would be unable to beat their opponent with or to get to the ball. ...read more.


Motivation is what drives a player to improve & succeed; it is required in preparation, in training and in games. Concentration in one of an athletes most important aspects of fitness, Athletes who remain focused and relaxed almost always out perform those who are agitated and unable to block out external goings on. The last type of fitness requirement needed for hockey is skill relater fitness. It involves all aspects needed to play well and create a good performance. For example, co-ordination is needed to control movements smoothly, agility is needed to help move the body quickly and precisely, Reaction time is used to react to the ball and its direction, balance is needed to control the overall balance when body movement is altered, and finally, timing is used to accurately perform skills. ...read more.


You keep going until you are unable to reach the markers twice in a row. The last number given is your score. Is appropriate to hockey as it involves running and has game like characteristics: involves changing direction varying pace. Match analysis schedule studies levels of fitness while participating in the actual activity. Filled out by pupil. Time, standing still, walking, jogging, mid-pace, sprinting. 0-10, 10-20 etc. Ticks placed in appropriate boxes depending on type of movement being performed during match. Measures CRE and speed endurance. Fartlek training: Swedish for speed play. Involves running at a variety of paces. Varying intensity levels.. Occasionally running at high intensity levels. ...read more.

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