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Principles Of Training

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Principles of Training The first principle of training is specificity. This means that each exercise I perform from my circuit will have a specific effect on that part of my body. Because my chosen sport is football it is fundamental that I train my leg muscles as it would be inappropriate and pointless for me to train my upper body due to it not playing a major role in football. Overall specificity means it is important to ensure that each exercise is chosen is: 1. Working on my leg muscles as my chosen sport is football (Had my sport been netball then I would be concentrating on the muscle groups in my arms.) 2. Isolating the right energy system needed in that activity. How I have applied specificity in my circuit is to include exercises that will have an impact on my leg muscles. ...read more.


I also carried out each individual station for longer, again using the 'ski-sit' example I went from doing it for 30 seconds in week 1 in one circuit to 45 seconds in 3 circuits in week 5. The third principle of training is overload. The body will need to adapt to the increased demands and strains put upon it. It will gradually do this and adapts itself as the demands increase. It is important to gradually increase how hard the body has to work in order to encourage improvement and avoid performance remaining the same. There are different ways to overload the body. Frequency: Increasing the number of times you train a week. This did not play a role in my fitness programme as we only had one lesson a week and other factors effected it such as if I did any other activities like tennis. ...read more.


Another principle is reversibility. The physical benefits of training on the body are reversible and therefore not permanent. The reverse starts as soon as training stops. This means that after completing my training programme and evidently getting fitter, I could have wasted my time I were to not continue and go back to my normal state. It is lost faster than it is gained. The only way to stop this is to continue training and carry on, it will also set me back if I do not remember my kit or do not participate. It is vital that training is continuous. The final principle of training is tedium. If training is boring the performer will give up. It needs to be challenging but not too challenging so that I give up. I need to be motivated and want to participate, I want to be challenged, so challenged that it is just achievable. I will have to pitch my stations at the right level, and as for motivation I could listen to music. ...read more.

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