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Progressions from Using the Training Program

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Progressions from Using the Training Program There are a number of advantages to be had from undertaking the training program and no obvious disadvantages that can be thought of immediately. Some of the stations included in the program can be fun to carry out and only the odd one or two that can be slightly tedious. Undertaking any sort of training will be beneficial to your health in general and this one improves the state of your body, your fitness, and how you feel about yourself mentally. ...read more.


As the weeks go by you would be improving the strength mostly in the leg muscles, such as the quadriceps and hamstrings, and your explosive strength would be greatly improved with events such as vertical jumping and standing broad jumping. This would allow you to go on to be able to do more of the activities mentioned for longer periods of time each week as your body would be getting strong enough to cope with a steady rate of exercise. Undergoing this program would allow you to carry out the activities with greater ease of movement because your flexibility would be getting better from exercise such as the sit and reach station. ...read more.


At the end of and during this program you would notice a great change in your body. You would be feeling stronger, physically and mentally, your body would be able to cope with harder workloads with every activity done and your muscles would be strong. Your health and fitness will have improved greatly and the skills for the sport you are training for (football in this case) will be getting better. The end result from such a program is a healthier life with an improvement in fitness and skills but a program like this would have to maintained and expanded upon in order to stay healthy and to keep the body and muscles in good shape. ...read more.

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