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Should Foxhunting Be Banned?Sir,

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Rebecca Dainter 11S Report: Should Foxhunting Be Banned? Sir, Throughout the past few weeks and months, the issue of foxhunting has been brought back to light, resulting in a free vote for MP's to put forward their views on whether this sport should be made illegal or not. For this reason I have compiled a full report, hopefully containing all the points and opinions from either side that you will need to consider in a vote on this issue. I will begin by putting forward the arguments against a ban on foxhunting. Firstly, it has been called "The Sport of Kings" and is a tradition for people growing up in rural areas of the United Kingdom. ...read more.


As they see it, there is no reason to ban hunting, it is as humane a way of killing a fox as any other and is a totally natural and effective way of controlling this species. Hunters claim to not be interested in the killing of the animal, or seeing its blood, it's the chase they enjoy. I will now outline the main arguments made by protesters calling for a ban on foxhunting. It is believed by many that foxhunting is a disgusting, violent and barbaric activity, and it is widely believed that this kind of sport is not acceptable in this day and age. It is described as a "blood sport" and other sports falling in this category, including cock fighting and bear baiting, have been banned. ...read more.


T his involves a piece of cloth and fake scent and so a chase still occurs, but there is no killing or cruelty to any animal. This is considered a much more humane way of enjoying a hunt, and would stop a widespread loss of jobs as similar equipment would be needed for both hunts. To conclude, I have put forward the views of people both for and against a ban on foxhunting. Viewing all the facts and opinions it would seem that there are more, and stronger, arguments in favour of a ban on foxhunting. You may also want to consider that most people in Britain, excluding in rural areas, would want a ban on foxhunting. Therefore it may be in your interests to vote this way, winning over your constituents. I hope I have provided all the information needed. ...read more.

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