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Situation Analysis - Executive Training Inc. (ETI)

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Situation Analysis 2 External Analysis 4 Internal environment: 5 Key Marketing issue 5 Generation and Evaluation of Alternatives 6 Alternative 1: Do not develop Online Training Program 6 Alternative 2: offering trail online programming 7 Recommendation 7 Situation Analysis Executive Training Inc. (ETI) is a successful company providing marketing and sales training for firms based in the agribusiness industry. In the upcoming sections, we will be discussing the past, present and future forecasted performance, as well as forecasted environments affecting the firm. ETI came into the business world in 1982, and since then, have demonstrated a history of success in the agribusiness industry. ETI has delivered training programs in specialized areas such as marketing and sales. There training consists on private and public programs, which use state of the art technology as well as customizing the presentations towards different companies and by using standard modules. Technology is one of the largest factors that keep ETI ahead of the competition. They are known for becoming the first in the field to add many product features and services to their line. The very first year of existence, ETI had earnings of around $100,000 in revenue. However, in 1999, ETI has grown to a remarkable $1.2 million in revenue. ...read more.


For small and large agribusiness in North American, all the marketing and sales programme were custom designed and offered to client in the seed, chemical, machinery, animal health, and feed industry. Among these programme, two three-day ETI programs were most popular and generated almost 75% of the company revenue. They are "Principles of Agri Marketing and "Strategic Agri Selling". ETI has become the leader in its own industry, by delivering quality program to the customers. Key Marketing issue Since the first day of the business, ETI has heavily depended on computer technology in developing and presenting programs. By the inspiration of an online education program, Tom, who is the owner and president of ETI, has recognized online program delivery is a great opportunity to expand his business. Furthermore, online program delivery is vacant in the market. If ETI takes the first step, it will create the competitive advantage for the company in the future. Generation and Evaluation of Alternatives Alternative 1: Do not develop Online Training Program The first alternative is to cancel the idea of the training program and focus on what ETI was raised on. This is going to be continuing to provide marketing and sales training for agricultural companies. ...read more.


28,500 127,125 314,640 59,850 213,570 495,558 172,817 392,435 737,143 Internet Access & Support 3,230 12,713 27,269 6,783 21,357 42,948 19,586 39,243 63,886 Teaching Materials 2,850 11,018 20,976 5,985 18,509 33,037 17,282 34,011 49,143 Totals $494,580 $ 545,355 $ 690,885 $ 349,368 $ 494,936 $ 777,794 $ 476,984 $ 697,689 $ 1,046,871 Total Market 950 1,130 1,311 998 1,187 1,377 1,047 1,246 1,445 Percentage of Market Share 2% 5% 8% 4% 8% 12% 11% 14% 17% Total Expected Company Base 19 57 105 40 95 165 115 174 246 Total Expected Indiviual Base 190 848 2,098 399 1,424 3,304 1,152 2,616 4,914 Total Revenues $285,000 $1,695,000 $5,244,000 $ 598,500 $2,847,600 $8,259,300 $1,728,169 $5,232,465 $12,285,709 Less Cost of Goods Sold 34,580 150,855 362,885 72,618 253,436 571,544 209,684 465,689 850,171 Gross Margin 250,420 1,544,145 4,881,115 525,882 2,594,164 7,687,756 1,518,484 4,766,776 11,435,538 Less Fixed Costs 460,000 394,500 328,000 276,750 241,500 206,250 267,300 232,000 196,700 Net Profit -$209,580 $1,149,645 $4,553,115 $ 249,132 $2,352,664 $7,481,506 $1,251,184 $4,534,776 $11,238,838 Exhibit C - Breakeven Analysis of Alternative 2 Breakever Analysis Total Fixed Costs 460,000 394,500 328,000 276,750 241,500 206,250 267,300 232,000 196,700 Sales per Unit 1500 2000 2500 1500 2000 2500 1500 2000 2500 Variable Cost per Unit 1080 630 630 1080 630 630 1080 630 630 Breakeven in Units 1,095 288 175 659 176 110 636 169 105 0 ...read more.

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