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Six week personal exercise programme.

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My weakest sport is Football. My weakest areas are strength, fitness and speed. The skill related fitness required in Football is Agility, Power, Co-ordination, Balance, Speed, Cardiovascular fitness and Muscular endurance. Agility is needed to dribble past an opponent; Power is needed to withstand pressure from an opponent and to shoot with strength; Co-ordination is needed to be able to have the ball under your control; Balance is needed to be able to stay on your feet even when tackled; Speed is needed to move fast into spaces and towards the ball; Cardiovascular fitness is needed to play a whole match without being too tired during the match and Muscular endurance is needed so the muscles can last a whole match with getting too tight. To improve my weaknesses in Football, I will use circuit training doing the following activities: * Bench walk * Bench jump * Triceps dip * Press-ups * Step-ups * Shuttle run I will be using the principle of Progression to make sure my weaknesses improve as much as possible and as quickly as possible. In conclusion after completing the circuit training I wish to become a much better football player. Hypothesis: The time I take to finish the course at each attempt will probably vary depending on two factors 1.if I am fully fit and 2.if I am injury-free. Equipments required: * Tape measure * Tape to mark start/finish line * Eight cones * Stopwatch * Score card and pen Activity Layout: 1. Get a space 6 metres wide by 14 metres long, indoors or outdoors (this is the dimension of a badminton court). 2. Mark the start/finish line. 3. Layout cones as shown in the diagram. Safety: * Wear suitable footwear for the surface I will be running on, e.g. no shoes on wooden floor. * Make sure I am properly warmed up. * Ensure there is a run-off area after finish line to allow deceleration. ...read more.


* Make sure there is a large enough space for the mat. Organisation: 1. Lay flat on the mat and on the start signal I will start doing press-ups. 2. I will do as many press-ups I can in 30 seconds; another pupil will be timing me. 3. I will have a 30 second interval and record the result during the interval. 4. After 30 seconds interval I will start doing press-ups again for another 30 seconds then have a 30 second interval. 5. Repeat this until I have 6 results. Time 1st 30 seconds 2nd 30 seconds 3rd 30 seconds 4th 30 seconds 5th 30 seconds 6th 30 seconds No. of press-ups 30 27 26 24 23 22 Results: Explanation of how and what is being recorded: I will be recording the number of press-ups I can do in 30 seconds, and then have 30 seconds interval, repeating this another five times. I will count the number of press-ups I do during each 30 seconds and write the number on my score card. Conclusion: From my results I can conclude that my hypothesis which was that the number of press-ups I will do will decrease on each occasion was right and this was probably due to the build up of lactic acid in my muscles which resulted in oxygen-dept. However I think my strength still increased as the decrease in the number of press-ups I did wasn't very great. Hypothesis: I can improve my cardiovascular fitness by trying a much as possible to achieve a higher level in the bleep test each week, than in the previous week. Equipments required: * Cones to mark the start and finish lines. * Flat non-slippery surface. * Tape measure. * Multi-stage shuttle-run test audio tape (also known as the bleep test). * Cassette player with speakers. * Score card and pen. Activity Layout: 1. I will measure a distance of 20 metres. ...read more.


Session Outline: * 3 Circuits of 6 Stations. * 20 Seconds work per Station. * 30 Seconds recovery between Stations. * 60 Seconds walking recovery between circuits. Results: Station Performances 1st Circuit 2nd Circuit 3rd Circuit Bench Walk 10 10 10 Shuttle Run 10 10 9 Step-ups 45 45 43 Press-ups 34 32 30 Triceps Dips 46 46 44 Bench Jumps 48 46 46 Evaluation of Session: From this I can conclude that my aims to improve all my weaknesses have being achieved hence I believe I will now be a better football player. Final Conclusion: During my P.E.P the interesting thing I encountered was that my performance seemed to improve each week when I was fully fit and injury free. This was very satisfying and made me more determined to achieve my objectives. All my areas of weakness improved each and hope fully have resulted in me becoming a better football player. The only problem I faced was during the first and second week. In the first week of the Circuit Training my performance was not too great and after the test I found it hard to motivate myself for the remaining weeks. In the second week I encountered a slight knee injury which made me start to doubt myself and my abilities.i To cope with my lack of motivation I simply thought about all the benefits of the Circuit Training and saw that for me to fulfil my potential as a very good football player I had to improve my weakness, which was only possible through the completion of the Circuit Training. To cope with the problem of self- doubt again I looked at all the benefits the completion of Circuit Training would bring and I removed all possible doubts. Overall I believe my performance through out the whole Circuit Training was phenomenal I can honestly say I am well and truly proud of myself and my achievements and hopefully my achievements will lead to birth of new talent. BY: SAMUEL MALOMO 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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