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Sporting role models - how Chloe may be inspired to lead an active lifesyle.

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Physical activity is influenced by both individual characteristics and the social environment. Whether Chloe is physically active depends on environmental characteristics such as gender, age, and ethnic background, and on economic characteristics such as education. Also positive characteristics include: * Media glorifying sports stars- Chloe could look up to the female netball players, hockey players. * Peers, role models; Parents, family, teachers are a great source of motivation; they can boost her morals and confidence greatly! ...read more.


Of course this might mean that her parents would have to make a few sacrifices such as; driving her to the venues or at times- paying for fees etc. However something that she could control herself is her health and safe being. She should eat a balanced diet consisting of the crucial fruit, vegetables, meat, diary etc. Safe being can be monitored by avoiding staying out late at night; this could ruin her image or prevent her from being a good role model if youngsters look up to her. ...read more.


However keeping in mind that Chloe could start to dislike sports because of the following reasons; * Being bullied by staff, players or the crowd. * Have too much pressure from academic lessons (exam stress, etc.) * She could be undergoing problems at home which distract her from participating in sport. In conclusion, these factors play a major role in directing Chloe towards her future, because every child is different and unique, one needs to show her all the options and prospects available thus leaving Chloe to make the right decision- may it be a physical activity or not. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hassan ...read more.

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