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Sportmanship and Gamemanship. . This essay will discuss sportsmanship, gamesmanship, fair play, ethics and values, playing by the rules and role models implicated in sport. As well as why playing the game fairly matters more

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Task 1: Journal Entries 1. Sportsmanship and Gamesmanship During our lesson on Tuesday we played King of the court. Throughout the game a group of boys were playing in a bad sportsmanship manner. One of the things they did include stealing the ball and sitting on the court when they got out. This resulted in the referee being biased pegging or serving the ball to their team at bad angles so they could not hit it. Their reaction was rude comments to the referee. This is an example of gamesmanship. However, Sportsmanship is the opposite where you play for the fun of it and/or because you enjoy the sport. 2. Winning at all costs In another lesson when we were playing king of the court, one of the teams repeatedly kept pushing in front of the other teams to build up more points so as they would win the game. Another thing they were doing was distracting players from other teams while they were on the court so they would miss the ball. This is an example of winning at all costs, when they will do anything to win. ...read more.


I have been against psych-out opposition and when you do something wrong you do feel embarrassed but it's all part of the game and shouldn't be taken to heart. Task 2: Article Discussions 1. Go on, be a sport The article "Go on, be a sport" discusses bad sportsmanship in Australian teams and how it shapes the Australian identity. One of the stories in the article was when Australian Cricketer Adam Gilchrist 'walked' in a world cup semi-final saying it was time players took responsibility. I agree with the article, bad sportsmanship is a disgrace in Aussie sporting teams. Task 3: "What matters the most - winning or playing the game?" The following statement "What matters the most - winning or playing the game" means people can either play sport to win or play for the fun of it because they like the sport. This essay will discuss sportsmanship, gamesmanship, fair play, ethics and values, playing by the rules and role models implicated in sport. As well as why playing the game fairly matters more than playing to win the game. ...read more.


When a sportsperson plays sport professionally they want to win, rigging the game also known as cheating is one of they ways some of them get to this. Though do you think they would gain much from cheating? No, this also shows viewers of the game that rigging the game is okay. Famous sportspersons are role models for everyone by performing unacceptable gives a bad impression on all ages. Children might copy your actions so when playing sport you have to think about other people not only yourself. When you're determined to win you forget about everyone around you. In the FIFA world cup, 2006 Ghana's goal keeper missed the ball in their final game. The opposition than won the world cup. A few days later the goal keeper was murdered. This just goes to show how low some people act when it comes to winning in sport. The sporting career has faced some good to bad times. Though when playing sport you have the two options winning or playing the game. In the end playing the game fairly definitely matters more then having your mind set on winning. By playing a game with great sportsmanship and ethics and values you are being a good role model. ...read more.

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