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Sprint Training Plan

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Circuit Plan Planning Purpose/Aim of the Programme Personal Fitness Profile Explain how fit you think you are, and if you have any injuries or health problems. Outline how much physical activity you get in a typical week. State what targets you expect to achieve by the end of the 5 sessions in terms of aspects of fitness/skills you want to improve. 5 marks My Current Level of Health: I suffer from no prominent illnesses. Although I have had a few previous injuries where I pulled my hamstring and gastronemius, which kept me out of training for 3 months and I had to have physiotherapy for it fortunately they recovered. Although I still do have problems with my ankles, which are very weak from a previous injury that never recovered, and sometimes in training if working particularly hard it can cause a strain on my Physiatic nerve. Fitness Generally I think I am quite a fit person. For Athletics I train every Tuesday and Thursday, overall in the week I do 3 hours of training for athletics. In the winter we do circuit training on Thursdays, which is hard. In the summer we have meets every second Saturday or Sunday, which are for most of the day and sometimes I have them for school during the week. ...read more.


Performing (Teacher's Marks) Implementation with control/consistency/ease Completion safely and efficiently Attitude/motivation towards improving Effectiveness/appropriateness of warm up/cool down 20 marks Monitoring Record your results after each exercise. 2 marks Exercise Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 200m 28.91 30.42 30.00 29.12 28.93 100m 13.82 13.95 14.21 14.34 13.93 150m 21.76 22.21 21.43 22.62 22.00 Starts (over 5m) 4 starts best was 5.60 5.94 (TIMED 6.12 OVER 5.82 5M.) 5.45 Silly Starts (over 30m) (Did not Fourth Another Start Session Exercise.) Until To replace 4 starts best was: 1.56 4 starts best was: 2.06 Reaction times not Timed over 30m Evaluation Planning Make comments to explain the statements/questions in the first column (max 6 marks) Refer to your pre-test score(s) for any fitness test(s). /2 Before this circuit training plan my times for the 100 and 200 were not that fast and I am hoping to improve my times greatly from these sessions. My P.B's are in the region of 13.7 and 29.3 as I am not completely sure. Was the programme at the right level for you? /2 I felt maybe the intensity could have been a bit harder but on the whole I found it was a good training session that would work us quite hard when put into practice. Were the exercises in the correct order? ...read more.


Was the programme easy to manage (set up, do, record progress etc)? /2 The programme was easy to set up because we did not have many apparatus to use. We already had the athletics track that was there for us to use and we only had to get a stopwatch to time us. Explain what progress or improvements you have made as a result of completing the programme. /2 My general fitness has improved slightly and I hope to keep gradually building up that fitness so I can improve in my training sessions and finally improve my 100m P.B. If I carry on with the progression and overload hopefully this will happen. Did you enjoy it and work to your limit? How do you know? /2 I did enjoy it and I felt I worked to my limit some sessions if not all of the sessions. I can tell on some of the sessions that I have worked hard as my times are quite good considering the conditions. If you were going to continue with the programme what changes would you make? /2 If I was to continue with the programme I would the runs in sets just like I did for the starts so that I am able to get more out of those runs. I think I would also try to work more on technique by doing something similar to interval training, which would have helped our endurance. ...read more.

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