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Tennis - History and Great Players

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´╗┐Tennis Tennis belongs to the individualistic past - a hero, or at most a pair of friends or lovers, against the world. ~Jacques Barzun History of Tennis The History of Tennis dates all the way back in Ancient Egypt and Persia. But the official founding of the game was introduced in the world in the 19th century by a man called Major Walter Wingfield. The game then was called sphairistike which was the Greek for ball game. Officially the game was created by him but he got his ?invention? idea from the French who were playing something similar which was called Jeu de Palme. Jeu de Palme was a game played with a ball being hit over the net using the player?s bare hand and it dated back in the 13th century. It was mostly played amongst monks in their monasteries. The Jeu de Palme developed into a game later on called royal tennis. The French were crazy about that game, in the 1500s a monarch, called Francis even had a royal tennis court built on his personal battleship. When Major Wingfield officially introduced the game to his friends at a Christmas party, there were a couple of other people who were playing it around the same time as well. ...read more.


7. The first-ever player to be disqualified from the men's doubles was Tim Henman in 1995, for hitting a ball in anger which struck a ball girl. 8. In 1930, Brame Hillyard became the first man to play wearing shorts. That was on court 10 - and Bunny Austin was the first to do so on Centre Court three years later. Wimbledon has played host to some of the greatest Champions in the game of tennis. Boris Becker Singles Champion 1985, 1986, 1989. Sunday 7 July 1985 will be etched into one man?s memory as the day that changed his life forever. Became Wimbledon?s youngest ever men?s singles champion at 17 years and 227 days. Boris had watched Wimbledon since he was very young. He had always wanted to be part of it, and he worked for it. He is still No. 1 professional tennis player from Germany . ________________ Fact File - Rafael Nadal Full Name: Rafael Nadal Parera Country: Spain Residence: Majorca Manacor, Majorca Born: 3rd June 1986 Height: 185cm Weight: 75kg Plays: Leftie Turned Pro: 2001 Nickname: Rafa Coach: Uncle Toni Nadal Basics: Full name is Rafael Nadal Parera, nicknamed Rafa. Plays left-handed but writes right-handed. ...read more.


(Left hand-side) Today ? Nadal vs Federer Nadal and Federer have been playing each other since 2004. Those playing are a significant part of both men?s careers. They have played 28 times and their head-to-head score is 18-10 with Nadal leading. Fourteen of their matches have been on clay which is Nadal?s best surface and Federer?s worst surface. Today ? Nadal vs Djokovic Djokovic and Nadal have met 32 times (which is the sixth-most head-to-head meetings in the Open Era) with Nadal having an 18-14 advantage. This rivalry is the third greatest rivalry in the last decade. Djokovic is one of the two only players to have at least 10 wins against Nadal, the other one being Federer. Djokovic?s greatest game was when he defeated Nadal in the Australian Open final for a third consecutive slam final. This was the longest Grand Slam final in the Open Era History at 5 hours and 53 minutes. Nadal won their last meeting in the final of Rome Masters in May 2012. Why I chose tennis? I have loved tennis since I was little and I have been training it all the time. This individual project is supposed to be about something we love, any hobby, anything. I enjoy playing and learning about tennis more than any hobby in the world. I also wanted to find out something more about tennis than I already knew. This is why I chose tennis. ...read more.

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