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The activity I will be focussing on will be hockey. I have chosen this sport

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The Introduction to my Training Program The activity I will be focussing on will be hockey. I have chosen this sport because I feel this is the sport I know most about. I also play this sport so I have a good understanding of the rules, game-play and positions. Another advantage of me choosing hockey as the sport I will be focussing on, is that my hockey season has not yet started, this could act as pre-season training for me, and it would give me a head start above the rest of my team for the beginning of the season. My aim is to improve my fitness and hopefully improve my performance in hockey. I will use circuit training in my training program, as this is a great exercise and helps improve fitness in many ways. By using circuit training I can achieve the benefits of both aerobic & anaerobic exercise in the same exercise session. Circuit training involves moving from one exercise to another with minimal rest. If my rest time is too long, I may lose some of the aerobic and circuit training benefits. If I want to make the exercises more aerobic, I will make the length of each exercise longer. In my circuit, I will use both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. There are many components of fitness, but I am going to focus on four of those that I believe relate to hockey most. ...read more.


This will be done for 30 seconds. Tricep dips - I chose to include tricep dips as an exercise to gain strength in the upper arm (just like bicep curls). The reason in also the same, so I can push the ball with more power, so the ball gets to its target in less time. For the tricep dip exercise I will need a bench. I will sit in front of the bench facing away from it with my legs straight out in front of me. I will reach back behind me with my arms, and place the palms of my hands on the edge of the bench behind me. Then I will lift up my whole body and bend my arms as far as the can without touching the floor. I will again do this for 3 seconds. Shooting - This is a co-ordination exercise. I chose a shooting exercise as I feel this is one of my weaker points in hockey and it is something I want to improve on. Shooting at a set target will increase the accuracy of my shooting skills, and also enhance the precision of my passes. I will need 2 cones, a hockey stick and a hockey ball. I will set out cones at a set width apart. And aim at the target from a set length away from where I am shooting at. ...read more.


This continues for 30 seconds. I may apply the principles of training (Specificity, Overload (FITT), Progression, Reversibility) if I feel I need to make an exercise more challenging. I will do some pre-tests at the beginning of my training program, and at the end I will do them again. I am doing the tests twice because when I have both sets of results, I can compare them and see if I have improved after the program. I will take a notebook and throughout the program I will take notes and recordings of results and any other useful information that could help me with my program and write a short evaluation of each week. I will make sure all of the equipment I use will be set up and used properly so no injuries occur, and I will put all apparatus away safely too to avoid anything lying around when other people are trying to get on with their circuits. I will need to set up my equipment in a space away from other peoples equipment, to avoid anyone getting hurt. I.e. do not set up a sprinting area where people are doing dribbling, because you could collide with them. I believe I am fit/healthy enough to do the exercises free from injuries. In hockey, aerobic and anaerobic training is used, as you have to run for long periods of time, whilst using quick sprints now and again using bursts of oxygen. This is why I will include stamina and speed in my practices. ...read more.

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