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The activity that will be covered during this programme is rounders. The aim the overall coursework is to improve my ability to plan a training programme

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Year 10 GCSE Personal Exercise/Training Programme PLANNING STAGE PURPOSE/AIM The activity that will be covered during this programme is rounders. The aim the overall coursework is to improve my ability to plan a training programme, perform it and evaluate it. It will also help to improve my knowledge and understanding of the skills needed in rounders. The programme that has been composed is to help improve my ability and performance in rounders and to become fitter and be able to perform to my best ability while using the required skills that I have learnt from doing the programme. I will be looking to improve my lower body muscular strength mainly, but also my upper body muscular strength which will help in batting and throwing. This is because a lot of running will be used both for the batting and fielding teams. Explosive strength is when our muscles produce a very quick movement. This will be used when sprinting around the posts or running to catch a ball. I am doing this programme as it helps to develop my techniques and skill. During each training session the same fitness and skills sessions will be performed to my best ability. My improvement will be monitored as I gradually increase the time period and keep a record of my heart rate and repetitions. For this physical activity I will need a certain level of specific fitness. This will require activities that are directly related to rounders and will help me improve my skills in those areas. Recently, I have not experienced any illnesses or injuries that have managed to affect my performance in sports. This allows me to be able to perform to my best ability without any interference. I have taken the 'Bleep Test' prior to starting my training. I managed to achieve a score of level 9. This shows that I have a considerable amount of muscular endurance, as my muscles were able to work for a prolonged amount of time. ...read more.


- Quadriceps Biceps/Triceps Hamstrings Gastrominus Muscular endurance Muscular strength Cardiovascular endurance BENCH DIPS Place hands on bench and outstretch body onto toes. Raise and lower self using arms bench Triceps Biceps Muscular endurance Muscular strength SKIPPING Use a rope, hold at either end and jump over it as it comes towards feet Skipping rope Quadriceps Hamstrings Gastrominus Muscular endurance Muscular strength Cardiovascular endurance SKILLS SECTION 1. Develops power, reaction time and agility To be performed with 2 people: Set out two cones, ten metres away from each other (distance from bowler and batter boxes). Hit the rounders ball with a bat that your partner has bowled to you. Hit it back to bowler. Record the amount of hits and misses in the time allowed. Equipment needed: 1 rounders ball 1 rounders bat Stopwatch 2. Develops coordination, reaction time, speed and agility To be performed with 2 people: Throwing and catching. For this skill session player one needs to throw a rounders ball and while player two runs to catch it, he/she must run to a new place and be prepared to receive the ball from player two, who will in turn run to a new spot. Equipment needed 1 rounders ball Stopwatch 3. Develops coordination, power and reaction time To be performed with 2 people Bowl the rounders ball to your partner, who will hit it back to you with a rounders bat. Record amount of good balls and bad balls bowled in stated time. Equipment needed 1 rounders ball 1 rounders bat Stopwatch COOL DOWN For the start of my cool down I will do 2 laps of the rounders pitch, gently jogging to slow my heart rate down. I will then proceed to do my warm up activities, but in reverse to prevent my muscles from seizing up and allowing the release of lactic acid. TABLE TO SHOW TIME PROGRESSION OF EACH SKILL ACTIVITY OVER THE COURSE OF THE FIVE WEEKS week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5 SKILLS ...read more.


It was an improvement of 1.19secs. Also, for my first abdominal curls test, I managed 82 sit-ups, but when I re-took it I was able to get up to 108, making an improvement of 26 sit-ups. This shows that my fitness level has increased form doing the five week training programme. My training programme was designed for one person during the fitness session and to work in pairs during the skills sessions. However, I had to work in a pair during the fitness session also as we had to time each other for each station. But this was not a problem as the rest gaps stayed constant, and it made it less complicated to do. All the equipment that was needed was available and there was not much setting up to do making it quick and easy to get on with. Overall, the programme was manageable and simple, as long as you are working in a pair. After completing the course, I find it a lot easier to complete each station with higher repetitions as my fitness level improved. Although it was an exhausting and hard experience, I did enjoy it. I was able to increase my level of fitness, do a training programme that I designed and enjoyed and work with people that I got on with. This interaction did make it a lot more enjoyable. Out of the fitness stations, I enjoyed doing the sit-ups most, as I do these regularly and it is something I find easy and fun. However, I definitely liked the skills sessions best, as this put my rounders skills to the test and slowed me to play a part of a sport that I enjoy. If I had to redo this in the future I would definitely change my chin-ups station in the fitness session as I found these hard and would probably have benefited a lot more with a different station. ?? ?? ?? ?? Melissa Kassinen, 10A 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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