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The Golfers Training Programme.

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Golf The golf game itself has dated back to around 1340, where the first signs of the game started with a man hitting a club at a ball. But it was not until around the 1350's until golf became a game where people hit the ball across towards a goal. When the game was found, many countries banned anyone from playing the sport, until King James IV bought some clubs of his own. From then on, many places confirmed the right for people to play golf on the land. The first golf ball would probably have been turned boxwood, until around 1620 when the feathery ball was introduced. Role Models There are hundreds of golfers today that are competing to be world number one. But the current number one is Tiger Woods, an American golfer who has been world number one for many years. Born on December 30, 1975, Woods grew up in Cypress, California. Forename: Eldrick (Tiger) Surname: Woods DOB: 30-Dec-1975 Height: 6'2 Weight: 185 Family: Earl and Kultida Woods Eldrick (Tiger) Woods, now 27 years of age, has had an amazing career since becoming a professional golfer in the late summer of 1996. He has won 52 tournaments, 39 of those on the PGA TOUR, including the 1997, 2001, and 2002 Masters Tournaments, 1999 and 2000 PGA Championships, 2000 and 2002 U.S. Open Championship, and 2000 British Open Championship. With his second Masters victory in 2001, Tiger became the first ever to hold all four professional major championships at the same time. ...read more.


You must start off with small weights, and build up either the amount of repetitions or the weight itself. Try to use weights that strengthen the abdomen muscles, this is essential for a solid golf swing. Reversibility Throughout the winter you must keep up training so that your level of fitness does not decrease. If it does, it will take a lot longer to regain that it did to lose. A Golfers Ideal Diet What to Eat * Any vegetable of fruit that is orange in colour- carrots, sweet potato, and cantaloupe. * Most green vegetables and fruits * Turkey * Whole grains * Baked/boiled fish * Baked/grilled chicken * Skim milk * Egg whites * Rice * Fruit juices. What not To Eat * Pizza * Ice cream * Cheese cake * Roast beef * Fried chicken * Fried fish * Gravy * Potato chips * Ham * Soft drinks Any greasy foods should be avoided, drink plenty of water, especially in hot conditions. Always have a good supply of nutrition bars on hand for instant energy. Fitness Warm up Before exercising every person needs to 'warm up', this is so that you do not pull any muscles, and so that you can perform to your best ability. If you pull a muscle, this could lead to serious damage, which could leave you out of sport for weeks, even months. Lower Back: From standing position, bend and touch your toes, hold this position for around 20 seconds, repeat three times. ...read more.


Cool down: Found it difficult to run after completing the training programme. Heart rate: Before 80 After 1 min 136 After 2 min 130 After 3 min 125 After 4 min 117 After 5 min 105 After 6 min 96 After 7 min 88 After 8 min 84 After 9 min 80 Week 2: Found warm up really easy, still found it hard to do pull downs as I can not reach the target of three, can still only do one. All the other parts were fine, but tiring. Still found it hard to do the cool down as by that time, my body was aching. Felt as though I could complete more rows and wrist curls. I did not do more than the set amount as I need to follow the training programme. Heart Rate: Before 80 After 1 min 132 After 2 min 124 After 3 min 112 After 4 min 108 After 5 min 96 After 6 min 92 After 7 min 84 After 8 min 80 Week 3: This week I played a lot of golf, I did two sessions of yoga and completed more for the training programme. I felt that the training programme was a lot easier as the weeks go on. I reached the week 2 target of three pull downs, but I couldn't manage the target for this week. I noticed that as I do more of the other exercises, as the amounts increased to about 60, I felt that my body couldn't do more than around 70, even if I trained over so many weeks. Heart Rate: Week 4: I was ill this week, and couldn't do one of the training sessions ...read more.

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