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the importance of suitable equipment and clothing in sport.

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  • Essay length: 877 words
  • Submitted: 01/11/2008
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GCSE Safety Aspects and Risk Assessment

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Amy Hawkins.

The importance of suitable equipment

and clothing In sport.

When a person is involved in any athletic activity, an injury can occur specially in a contact sport. Basketball is a highly competitive sport you should make sure clothes and shoes fit appropriately to allow maximum effort.

In all sports it's essential that you have suitable and defensive clothing.

When you are considering what protective clothing you need you should look at the nature of the sport and the age of the participants.

In basketball to shrink the amount of injuries in children, you match their age and ability to ensure safety you also need to have the correct sized basketball for different ages. Basketball has very simple clothing needs. A sleeveless or short sleeved vest, shorts and socks. You need sleeveless to stop the material getting in the way when rebelling the ball. They should be made of highly absorbent material as the players sweat a lot and this material will absorb it.

Sweat suits, trousers and tracksuits are necessary for players sitting in the team bench area. The idea is to ensure that

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