the importance of suitable equipment and clothing in sport.

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Amy Hawkins. The importance of suitable equipment and clothing In sport. When a person is involved in any athletic activity, an injury can occur specially in a contact sport. Basketball is a highly competitive sport you should make sure clothes and shoes fit appropriately to allow maximum effort. In all sports it's essential that you have suitable and defensive clothing. When you are considering what protective clothing you need you should look at the nature of the sport and the age of the participants. In basketball to shrink the amount of injuries in children, you match their age and ability to ensure safety you also need to have the correct sized basketball for different ages. Basketball has very simple clothing needs. A sleeveless or short sleeved vest, shorts and socks. You need sleeveless to stop the material getting in the way when rebelling the ball. They should be made of highly absorbent material as the players sweat a lot and this material will absorb it.


The Diameter of the ball should be between 75 and 78 cms. The weight should not be less than 567 gm and not more than 650 gm. Since Basketball is all about bouncing the ball, bounce is very vital. According to the Regulations, if a ball is just dropped from a height of 1.8 m on the court surface, it must rebound not less than 1.2 m and not more than 1.4m. Protective clothing in cricket. Cricketers wear protective helmets, gloves and shin pads when batting, they wear these garments to prevent them from contracting head injuries and fractures to their hands or legs. Protective cricket clothing is another essential piece of cricket protection. These protective garments help to keep protective equipment positioned in specific parts of the body and prevent them from moving and leaving the players body exposed to high impacts. These protective garments include: Chest Protector Lightweight slim profile multiple layered chest protector with a unique holster design and reversible shape.


* Players should regard a helmet with a faceguard as a normal item of protective equipment when batting against a hard ball, together with pads, gloves and, for boys, an abdominal protector (box). * There is a British Standard (BS7928.1998) for cricket helmets and it is in the best interests of players to ensure that their helmet conforms to this standard. The ECB is recommending that this guidance is followed by all players up to the age of 18. It applies to young players in adult cricket as well as to all junior cricket played with a hard cricket ball. In cricket a way to minimise the risk of an injury in children is for them to play with a smaller and softer ball. Changing the ball will have two affects: 1. A larger, softer ball is slower and easier to see so the players have more time to make a shot or catch; 2. Also if the ball does strike a batter or a fielder, there is less risk of injury because this ball is softer than a standard cork ball. ?? ?? ?? ??

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