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The key areas of physical fitness in football

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FOOTBALL Achieve excellent in football PHYSICAL FITNESS Aerobic endurance depends on the capacity of the heart and circulatory system to meet the demands of the body for a sustained period of activity. Aerobic endurance is a very important component of fitness for football, as the players need to have high levels of physical fitness throughout the whole 90 minute game. They also need to perform at their best throughout the whole game. Many injuries can occur with low levels of aerobic endurance as you can get tired and you may fall or trip and hurt yourself. You can test your aerobic endurance by the shuttle run/beep test. You can train for this by continuous, fartlek and interval training. Flexibility is the amount of movement around a joint. Good hamstring flexibility is import for a football player to perform good kicking technique. You also need it as you need to dodge past opposing team and even to score a goal. ...read more.


A mesomorph body composition is useful in football as you need to be big and muscular to get past your opponent. If you are too fat you will not be able to run and if you are too skinny you will be too weak, so an endomorph and ectomorph body composition will find it difficult to achieve excellence in football. Muscular endurance is a measure of the capacity of the muscles to perform repeated contractions near maximum level for an extended period of time without becoming fatigue. Muscular endurance is needed in football to be able to carry on throughout the match to keep moving your muscles. Midfielder would probably use it the most as he/she will be running up and down the pitch to help get the ball into the goal or to help defend. If you don't have muscular endurance your muscle may hurt after the game. To train for muscular endurance you can do use free weight s and circuit training us (low weight and high reps). ...read more.


Coordination is the smooth flow of movement needed to perform a motor task efficiently and accurately. Hand eye coordination is useful for a football player as they need to aim and kick the ball into the goal. Footballer also needs to coordinate with other people on the team to get the ball across the field. Has to keep good coordination to use correct technique. A defender may have to coordinate with the goalkeeper to save the ball. Balance is the ability to maintain your centre of mass over a base of support. The two types of balance are static balance and dynamic balance. You need balance in football to kick the ball. If you didn't have balance you won't be able to kick the ball and you will go flying on the floor, this may even cause an injury. A footballer also needs good balance because they need to stay standing while running from one end to another quickly. Balance can also help them when they are changing direction quickly, if they don't have good balance when they do this it may cause them to fall and injure themselves. ...read more.

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