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The Multi Stage Fitness Test

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The Multi Stage Fitness Test Session 1 Introduction, This test of fitness is very good for game players as it is specific to the nature of there sport, but due to the intervals of turning this test may not be appropriate for the athletes with a high level of cardio vascular fitness such as the Rowers, Runners and cyclists. As I am a swimmer this would be a good test for my land based training but in the pool another test would be more appropriate. Objective, Is to improve my cardiovascular Endurance, I will do this by doing a number of specific land training sets. Along with a few in the pool. ...read more.


* Each bleep represents the next shuttle, when there is a number of beeps at once this represents the next level. When you reach this stage they will tell you on the tape what level you are on. * The test starts off really slow at a speed of 8.5Km/hr and then increases by a further 0.5Km/hr at each level. * Each person must place one foot over the tape to get that shuttle and to remain in the test. if the person fails to get there foot over they have to drop out. * I dropped out at 12.2 which was a good result for me Taking the recovery rate * Once I had dropped out I needed to find my assistant and get them to watch the clock so I could take my pulse rate. ...read more.


Evaluation I thought I did really well in this test as I thought my results would be lower due to an interference with my training schedule do to a number of ear infections. Although my pool training was hindered by these infections I noticed I was doing a lot more on land. So this could be the reason for my hired result. This is the best result I have ever achieved in school in this test as before I had never got above level 12. Next time I do this test I will be aiming to get closer or even break level 13, but I would have to up my cardiovascular endurance training to do this. Steve Clark 11u/11E G.C.S.E. Physical education Mrs Mayes ...read more.

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