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The Pure Theory of Law

Extracts from this document...


Personal Details Name: Age: D.O.B: Height: Weight: Injury concerns: Present fitness levels: Facilities available: Present sporting Activity: At present I take part in various sporting activities. Some for recreational purposes such as my local leisure centre's volleyball team, and others for competitive purposes such as camogie and Gaelic football. I also play Gaelic football for my school and also for my parish team. I also play camogie for my school team. I have been playing camogie and football for about nine or ten years now. My main position on a football team is centre halfback; this position requires a lot of cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance. Planning the programme. Purpose of my PEP. It is my intention through this Personal Exercise Programme to improve my cardiovascular fitness as well as my muscular endurance. As a Gaelic football player I understand just how important these two components are in relation to the game of Gaelic football. They are vital to promote good performance throughout a match. By improving these components I hope to improve my own performance throughout a match. Improving my cardio-vascular fitness will help me to be more involved in the game, it will enable me to keep working at a steady rate throughout the match and better take on the role as an attacking back. As we know players generally tend to become tired whilst playing a match, this tends to result in making more mistakes resulting in more mistakes being made. Gaelic football requires a number of fitness components some of which are concerned specifically with my leg muscles, I hope to maintain the quality of soloing the ball throughout a sixty-minute match. Gaelic football requires a number of fitness components. Before selecting which fitness components I wanted to focus on in my PEP it was first necessary to: A) Examine all fitness components, which play a part in Gaelic Football. ...read more.


I found this session harder than the others as it required more energy the extra five seconds at each station meant that a few more repetitions could be carried out. I still feel that I could overload next week by increasing the amount of circuits that I complete, as this would get my heart working harder. Session Seven- week four Warm up * I will carry out 3 Minutes of jogging on the spot * Stretches- Can be seen in appendix one. Cardiovascular training. * For this part of my training I will carry it out on the running machine * I will begin by running for twenty minutes at 7.0Mph and then will reduce it down to 6.5Mph for a further fifteen minutes. Weight Training Completion Muscles Machine Weight Repetitions Sets Pectoral Pec Dec 15kg 15 2 Yes Calf muscles,+ hamstring. Leg Press 25kg 15 2 Yes Rhomboids, latissimus, Dorsi, triceps Latissimus Pulls 20kg 15 2 Yes Hamstrings Leg Curl 30kg 15 2 Yes Hip Flexors, extensors, adductors, abductors, Gluteals Hip Conditioner 30kg 15 2 Yes Biceps Bicep Curl 10kg 15 2 Yes Hamstrings Leg extender 30kg 15 2 Yes Pectorals, deltoids, triceps Bench press x 2 10kg 15 2 Yes Cool Down.-4th October * I will carry out a three minute jog on the spot * Stretches- can be seen in appendix one Overall evaluation of the session- I felt that I coped well with the increased repetitions during my weight training. I was able to complete the cardio-vascular training this week without taking a break in between. I feel that I could overload next week. Weight training- increase number of sets to three sets. Cardio-vascular training - I will increase the time I spend running next week up to 7.5Mph, After this session I recorded my heart rate and found that I was working within my training zone as it was 159 beats per minute. ...read more.


I also concentrated more on my warm up. I was able to design effective training programmes by using the F.I.T.T principle and the SPORT principle, from these I was able to see exactly was I had to include in a fitness programme to make it successful. The progression I made over the six week period, I felt was good. Due to the improvements, which I made I intend to carry out the training sessions from now on, overloading each week to again improve my level of fitness and in turn improve my game even more. Circuit training is adaptable so I can make changes to it to prevent me from becoming bored of the same continuous circuit, which will help to encourage me to carry on. Throughout my six week training period I found a few problems with the availability of the equipment when I required to use it. As the gym is a public place there are a lot of other people who use it so the order in which I was going to carry out my session would have to be rearranged. Another problem that I came across was that I was continuously increasing my running time and speed but I was becoming quite tired at each increase, so I feel that I may have overloaded slightly too much to gain a good beneficial session, but it is seen that the intensities are suitable for a girl my age. If I was to carry out my training programme again I would take some points into careful consideration. I don't feel that six weeks was a long enough period for me to carry out an extremely beneficial exercise programme, so I would increase the number of weeks that I was doing the training sessions for or if this wasn't able to be done I would increase the number of training sessions carried out in a week. Overall I feel that the training sessions were beneficial as I did see an improvement in my retest results and also within my performance in a Gaelic football match. Emma Devlin 13D Sports studies. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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