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The purpose/aim of this programme is to see if I can make a detectable difference in my fitness over 6 sessions of physical training the areas of my fitness I will be testing are, agility, speed and stamina

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GCSE physical education coursework Purpose of the programme The purpose/aim of this programme is to see if I can make a detectable difference in my fitness over 6 sessions of physical training the areas of my fitness I will be testing are, agility, speed and stamina Personal fitness profile Currently the activities that I do in a week are: .I do not attend any sports clubs. .I play more sports in school than I do outside school. .I do weights 3-4 times a week. .currently I do not have any injury problems so I am at my highest level of fitness. .I do eat healthier food and do obtain a healthy diet. .on the weekend I go for a run. Due to the lifestyle I live I would have to say my levels of fitness are average Any medical problems At the minute I do not have any illnesses or any other sort of medical problems, during this training program I would like to improve my strength agility and speed so I can improve in football and various other sports During this programme I wish to improve in the following ways By doing this programme I would like to raise my fitness level about 15-20% and throughout all of the sessions I will be setting myself personal targets that I would like to achieve these targets will be to complete every session at the highest intensity I can do and also take part in all sessions Awareness of safety aspects The key safety aspects I am going to have to consider are: warm up cool down, apparatus and weather during the programme I will have to make sure I have took these safety aspects into consideration and deal with the sort of problems that can affect the session e.g. the weather is a key factor because if we are doing a fartlek training session outside and either it is raining or to cold that can drop the participants motivation and they will not ...read more.


I think all of the sessions were put in the rite order because each session targeted 1 main muscle group and if we done 2 sessions that targeted that same set of muscles consecutively this could damage the muscles overall I think this programme was set out quite well. I applied methods so that I did not create overload on my body I also created methods so that I could produce progress such as if I know that I am going to find I session difficult I will try but I will not exceed my limit and also I will make sure I get enough time to rest and recover , if the exercise is something I know I can do I will make sure I work to a high intensity to attempt to improve fitness levels. I think this selection of sessions where very good, because all of them challenged me and I think did improve the components of fitness that I wanted and more, the sessions all targeted areas of fitness the other 1 didn't i.e. plyometrics helped with agility and fartlek helped with speed so using all of these sessions improved all the components of fitness I would of liked to improve. Performing When I was performing this programme I had to apply the principles of progression and overload, for example when I was being pushed to hard I would step out and recuperate until I could carry on the same principle occurred when I was not being pushed hard enough I would put more effort into it by setting myself a target of keeping up with sum one who was better than me at that particular discipline. When I was taking part in theses exercises I thought that they could have been slightly altered to give me a bit more variety other than doing mostly all the exercise running. I think these exercises where correct ones to use as they targeted all the components of fitness that I wanted but they could have been altered so they would not create so much tedium e.g. ...read more.


I developed a groin injury in this session but I stuck it out till the end of the session up until I got hurt I was working at 90% of my maximum heart beat Session 4. This session was another fartlek session; we had a choice to either do 5, 6 or 7 laps of a set out course. I chose 7 laps to test my aerobic fitness this amount of laps was rite for me it gave me a challenge, the course was set out with ten 50 meter gaps with a cone on the end of each length to represent the start and finish in the gap we had to perform a certain exercise either sprint, run, jog or walk, the exercises were already set and at the end of each cone our teacher told us which exercise was next by the last few laps, the routine was memorised. Overall this was a helpful session because it helped develop my stamina and speed levels Session 5 This session was another circuit training session this session was 60 mins long the session was built up of 15 stations all put together to work different muscle groups and to improve your all around fitness, at each station we had to spend 1.30 min after a full rotation of the circuit we had a 30 second break to regain energy before we started off again, this was helpful because I couldn't of went through the whole course without the small break, we went round the circuit twice this was a test for me it was quit hard because I am stronger in some areas than I am in others and when I am tired I find it harder to concentrate my energy on an activity I am not really that good at. The names of the activities where placed on the floor next to the mats or benches where we performed the activity so that we remembered what we were doing without any confusion . ...read more.

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