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The sport I have chosen to improve is long distance running, this is because I am not as good at it as sprinting, but I still enjoy it. The aspect of fitness I have chosen to improve is Cardiovascular Endurance

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GCSE PE P.E.P Hannah Thomson 11E Fitness Test Results (before 6 weeks' training) Component of Fitness Test Level/Time Flexibility Seeing how far arms can reach 30cm Balance Balancing on 1 leg for 60 seconds Full 60 seconds Power How far I can jump from standing 1m 68 Agility Run round a course 16 seconds Cardiovascular Endurance Bleep Test 5 Muscular Endurance Abdominal Bleep Test 2 Components of Fitness Muscular Endurance How long your Muscles can withstand the exercise being done. Agility How quickly and efficiently your body can change direction in the smallest amount of space. Cardiovascular Endurance How long your respiratory systems can go on for. Balance and Co-ordination How well your body works in unison. For example all your bodily parts arranging themselves to balance on something they could not with normal posture. This takes Co-ordination of all the body parts. Flexibility The range of how far one particular joint can rotate is its flexibility. Your flexibility takes into account the tension from the ligaments, tendons, muscles and skin. Power How much force your muscles can produce in one particular movement. ...read more.


Intensity The difficulty of the exercise: it could be the amount of weight, or the speed you move. Time The duration of the exercise: for fitness, this should be at least 20 minutes a day. Type What kind of exercise: vary what you do to keep it interesting, and to work all the different muscles. Training Programme Each week will consist of 3 sessions; I will be continually running, swimming, and cycling once a week to improve my cardiovascular endurance. Warm-Ups for running will be a very slow jog to begin with before I set the proper pace for my run. Warm-Ups for cycling will be some simple leg stretches before I set off. Warm-Ups for swimming will be some simple stretches and a slow length before I start to swim continuously. Week 1 Running Picked a route to use, which is about a 15 minute walk. Tried to run continually but had to stop several times because I felt like collapsing with exhaustion. Hopefully will be able to run the entire route by the end of the training programme. Cycling Cycled the same route that I ran earlier in the week. ...read more.


Felt much healthier and my recovery time was far less that it was in Week 1. Fitness Test Results (after 6 weeks' training) Component of Fitness Test Level Flexibility Seeing how far arms can reach 38cm Balance Balancing on 1 leg for 60 seconds Full 60 seconds Power How far I can jump from standing 1m 83 Agility Run round a course 14 seconds Cardiovascular Endurance Bleep Test 6.3 Muscular Endurance Abdominal Bleep Test 0.3 Evaluation I thoroughly enjoyed the training programme because it gave me incentive to actually get out and exercise. I liked the fact that I had something structured to work to; because it's not something I would normally stick to if I felt that I didn't really have to do it. If I did this training programme again, I would choose a different aspect of fitness to improve, because I think that it works really well. I improved on everything apart from the abdominal bleep test, but this was because it wasn't something I had tried to improve, and I also wasn't properly prepared for it. It would definitely be something I would try to improve if I did the programme again. I was pleased to see how dramatically my bleep test score had improved by just doing 3 sessions a week to improve my cardiovascular endurance. ...read more.

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