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The Sport I would like to improve is The Javelin.

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Gwaith Cartref 09 April 2003 The Sport I would like to improve is The Javelin, In this event the athletes compete to throw the javelin as far as possible. The javelin has been part of athletics since 708 B.C. The olive wood javelin was thrown in two events with a sling and at a target but in the 19th centaury the Scandinavians developed the modern sport of javelin throwing. I will improve my attempt at javelin by improving on these aspects: Short Term Targets 1. Improve physical fitness 2. Increase weight and amount of reps on the weight machine 3. Improve distance and direction of the javelin thrown Long Term Targets 1. Improve my shoulder speed 2. Improve my shoulder strength Activities Weight Training- Shoulder Power Trampolining- Back & Leg Power (This Will Help Improve My Run Up And Body Position Whilst Throwing) Holding Long Stretches After Training- Flexibility Log Bench press: Weight Reps Sets 64 6 3 68 4 3 72 3 3 Attend Trampoleaning class every Monday and Wednesday this will increase the strength in the back of my legs, arms and back thus increasing the power generated to throw the javelin. Staff Comment- Show You Have Refined Your Techniques Techniques I Have Worked On 1. Can use weight training equipment properly 2. Warming Up/Cooling Down 3. Stretching and flexibility work 4. ...read more.


I will need power in my arms and legs to be able to throw the javelin further and to be able to run faster. I will improve my power by doing a range of tests and stretches Dips/Pull-Ups: I will hold to bars to my side and try to straighten my self raising my feet of the ground whilst keeping them vertical to my back. I will hold on a bar above my head pulling my self up vertically so my chin touches the bar. On both of these test I will progress by changing the time and amount of dips/pull-ups each time. Weights: I will lift weights to improve the amount of muscle in my arms or legs to gain more power. I will be lifting heavy weights but for a short period of time this will improve my explosive power and muscle mass. A Typical Training Session : Warm Up This is light exercise it prepares the muscles and joints for activity and prepares athletes psychologically and should involve flexibility work. The main purposes are to: Warm the muscles Increase heart rate Increase blood flow Muscles are stretched Joints able to move more freely All should be done slowly and gradually The Training Session This is the training session. It could be faartlek, interval, game practice and circuit training to develop muscle strength or skill. ...read more.


It is often called STATIC contraction. All About Carbohydrates Loading And Potatoes: Potatoes are important for sports people who participate in events that last longer than 90 minutes. During sporting activity the energy in the body is in the form of glycogen which is stored in the liver. When the glycogen stores are depleted, the body has to use alternative energy sources like fat and protein. These are not ideal sources of energy causing fatigue and eventually the athlete might have to stop altogether. To perform at optimum level during competitive events like marathons and cycling events, athletes start loading their carbohydrate levels three days before the big event. This is done by eating carbohydrates rich diets with minimal protein and fat. Carbohydrates should be taken during as well as after exercise. Professor Tim Noakes, world renowned sports authority and author of numerous books, has found that potatoes are ideal for carbo-loading, because they are complex carbohydrates, providing the fuel as well as the necessary vitamins and minerals. Potatoes are rich in water so they keep in re-hydration of lost water during exercise. Therefore, potatoes, if used as part of the carbo-loading diet, can improve performance Also these foods contain Carbohydrates: Bread, Pasta And Rice Fruit And Vegetables Breakfast cereals and porridge Beaked Beans on Toast Ice Cream And Milk Shakes Also : Eat lean white meat e.g. chicken or turkey or fish rather than red meat Grill rather than fry Drink at least two glasses of water with each meal even if your not thirsty. ...read more.

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