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The two main areas of my Personal Exercise Plan are Health Related Fitness and Skill Related Fitness.

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Introduction: The two main areas of my Personal Exercise Plan are Health Related Fitness and Skill Related Fitness. My aim is to improve my Health and Skill Related Fitness overall. I will do this by creating a 6 week program of all the different sports and exercises that I do each day. From this I will be choosing two training methods. These will be Circuit Training and Interval Training. My Circuit Training is made up of 5 stations . At each station you do a specific exercise for a set amount of time before moving onto the next station. The good thing about Circuit Training is that it is made up of aerobic exercises which I enjoy doing. I will also do Interval Training. This is a fixed pattern of fast and slow exercise. Each repetition of a pattern is called a 'rep' and you have to finish a 'set' (group of reps) before finishing your overall exercise session. I chose these two methods of training because I felt that they will improve my Health Related Fitness and my Skill Related Fitness the most. My chosen sport is football. I have chosen football because I know the rules of the game e.g. the difference between indirect and a direct free-kick etc. ...read more.


* Moderation means that you must not over train. How I applied the Principles of Training 1. Systematic - I planned the exercises that I needed to do in Circuit Training and Interval Training and I kept to the plan. 2. Individual Needs - This is shown because I have made up my own exercise plan and not someone else's. 3. Specificity - This is also in my program because I have done the exercises so they relate to my sport, football. 4. Overload - I worked hard at the exercises and my heart rate decreased. 5. FITT - * Frequency - I trained at the same time each day * Intensity - I increased the intensity by 5% each day. * Time - I spent the same amount of time to make it a fair exercise so results do not differ. * Type - Every other day I did circuit training and then Interval training. 6. Progression - I progressed with my exercises and the results can be seen in my improvements. 7. Reversibility - This is shown because I only did one period of exercise a day so I have a rest period before the next exercises. 8. Regularity - I kept a regular pattern to my exercises which I did every day. ...read more.


Week 2 On my second week I found it quite hard as well but I didn't run too fast at the start this time so the exercise was a lot easier for me to complete. Therefore as you can see my heart rate and recovery rate both improved. Week 3 I found the exercises this week were easier than the first two weeks. This can be seen on my graph as my heart rate improved steadily. My recovery rate made a slight improvement. Week 4 Again, I found the exercises this week were easier than the other weeks. My heart rate showed a slight but steady improvement which was disappointing again. This week my recovery rate increased by 4 seconds in the middle but made an improvement by the end of the week. Week 5 This week started off hard but gradually got easier later in the week. I made a very small improvement on my heart rate and my recovery rate. Week 6 This week I tried a lot harder and my heart rate improved. Also my recovery rate improved by 10 seconds as well, this was my best week. In the end my heart rate finished at 125 BPM and my recovery rate finished at 258 seconds to return to my resting heart rate of 64 BPM. ...read more.

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