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There are many different training methods that you can use to improve your cardiovascular endurance.

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Part 1 Question 1 There are many different training methods that you can use to improve your cardiovascular endurance. Continuous Training There are 2 types of continuous training: long, slow, distance training and high-intensity continuous training. Long slow distance training, is when you do any cardiovascular activities (running, rowing, aerobics etc.) You must work at the same pace for between 30 minutes to 2 hours. You must work between 60-80% if your maximum heart-rate. Doing this training, will improve your stamina (aerobic capacity) and help improve you in playing sports such as: tennis and cross country. It will also help you improve your health-related fitness and it will reduce the amount of body fat. This will also help you keep you fit during the holidays. ...read more.


which shows how hard you have to train. To calculate your MHR: (Boys) 220-Age=MHR (Girls) 226-Age=MHR So my MHR would be: 220-14=206 To calculate your RHR: * When you get up in the morning, you take the pulse on your wrist (radial pulse) or the pulse on your neck (carotid pulse) * Count the number of beats per minute (BPM) * Do it at an average of 3 times for a more accurate result My RHR is 70+72+81+75 ___________ 4 =298 ____ 4 =74.2 BPM So the Karvonen Formula is: MHR - RHR x Intensity Level + RHR = THR So my minimum training heart rate is: 220 - 14 (Age) = 206 206 - 74.2 (RHR) = 131.8 131.8 x 0.6 (minimum intensity) ...read more.


Question 4 There are many benefits of physical exercise. General Health: * Improves your overall health * Makes you feel good * Enhances your appearance * Improves your skin tone Weight Management * Helps you loose weight and prevents weight gain * Elevates your metabolism rate (you can burn more calories per day) * Lowers incidents of obesity Cardiovascular Health * Strengthens your heart and lowers your heart rate * Reduces the risk of heart diseases * Decreases your blood pressure * Lessens the risk of stroke Pain Management * Helps bolster pain * Reduces backaches * Makes pregnancy and child birth easier Aging and Longevity * Slows the aging process * Adds active years to your life * Reduces risks of fractures and osteoporosis * Helps you maintain an independent lifestyle BIBLIGROPHY Waehner,, Paige. "Karvonen Formula." About Adult. 7 Sept. 2007 <http://exercise.about.com/cs/fitnesstools/g/karvonen.htm>. Work sheets handed out in class ...read more.

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