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training program and s.p.o.r.t

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My training program I am going to use circuit training to improve my stamina as it can be made game specific to my sport of football. I can include skill stations within my training and because it is varied it should help prevent tedium. Also I am going to incorporate some continuous training and fartlek training to my program as they are excellent for improving my stamina and they don't require any equipment or special facilities to complete. I will be performing a circuit over the next six weeks. My circuit will consist of 7 stations, which will last 30 seconds per station. After each station I will rest for 30 seconds. I will go round the circuit three times and will have a rest of 1 minute after one rotation of the circuit (I will do that for 2 weeks, with 1 lessons per week) ...read more.


My speed will be tested and improved by me doing shuttle runs this is a good way of testing speed because it also incorporates the turning movement (180 degrees), which will also help in football as quick turning is crucial to avoid opponents and to keep up with them to. My foot work will be improved by doing ladders this will improve agility also step ups as you have to move you feet quick up and down. Footwork is another important part of football to be able to control the ball and keep position. I will be most focusing on my muscular power both arms and legs this will be archived by speed bounce this will work the upper legs, push ups to improve arm strength along with pull ups. ...read more.


Overload - Overload is very important, it makes us work our bodies longer and harder and will let our bodies adapt to stress as a result of this our bodies will get fitter and stronger. I will incorporate this buy trying to get better and faster times also this will tie in with progression as the time on each activity will be lengthened. Reversibility- Reversibility is when you stop doing regular exercise and your body goes into shut down mode and returns back to normal also if our muscles are not used they atrophy which means they waste away. Tedium- Tedium can occur in any sport tedium is making sure that the exercise is interesting and varied to avoid boredom. As in football we need to keep the training varied to make sure the game remains interesting and fun. ...read more.

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