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Training programme for Basketball.

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* Sport: Basketball * Gender: Male * Age: 22 * Somatotype: Ectomorph * Weight: 12st 2lbs * Height: 6'9 * Medical History: None My training programme will be specific for Basketball, and will be aimed for a guard player. The training program well be set for the "pre Season" of basketball. While planning this training programme I must consider S.P.O.R.T. (Specificity, Progression, Overload, Reversibility, Tedium) By this I mean that the training must be specific to a basketball guard player, and improve the things that are essential to plays as a guard: Primarily, Endurance and Strength. I must also consider F.I.T.T principal. S.P.O.R Specificity A runner does not train the same way as a shot putter. If you are training for a particular position in a particular sport, you need to consider what muscles and types of fitness are emphasized in your activity. If you aren't training for a particular sport, then you need to consider your height, weight, gender, body shape, and goals before you choose a training program. If you are training to lose weight, you should emphasize more cardiovascular activities. My training program is strictly designed for a basketball guard player. Therefore everything that my training program contains is specific to the position he/she is playing. Progression This is closely related to overload. It simply means increasing the overload over a period of time-not all at once. It would be ridiculous to expect a person who has not been doing any exercise to run 10 miles on their first day. However, it is generally accepted that if a person starts out running a mile each day, they can progress by increasing the distance or decreasing their time. Progression seems to happen naturally, as your exercises feel easier over time - you will probably seek out more of a challenge by increasing the intensity, duration and frequency of the exercises. If you don't do this, you will probably get bored very quickly. ...read more.


Your leg should be high enough so you feel a pull on your hamstring but it should be comfortable. Hold it there. Now do the same for your other leg. 9) Calf stretches. Put one leg in front of the other with both your feet pointing forward. Now push against a wall. You should feel a stretch on your gastrocnemius but if you don't then move your back leg further away. Hold it there. Now do the same to your other leg. 10) Rotation of ankle. Standing straight lift one leg in the air and rotate your ankle joint both ways for 10 rotations either way. Do the same for the other ankle. The cool down serves two purposes: 1) it reduces your pulse; and 2) it returns the blood to your heart in sufficient quantities to rid the muscles of lactic acid (a chemical result of muscular fatigue). If you stop suddenly, the blood will pool in your legs instead of returning to your heart. Dizziness, nausea and a "worn out" feeling are common symptoms of an improper cool down. Slow down gradually after exercising vigorously. Cooling down prevents feeling faint and passing out. Diet When participating is any sport, diet is a very important factor. Basketball lasts for four sets of 10 minutes, stopping the clock when the game is missed played, therefore the game can last a long time. Our diet should be balanced, and Should be made up of Protein, Carbohydrates and fat, those being The three main sources, yet our Diet should still include vitamins and Minerals, fluids and fibre. There is not specific diet that a Basketballer should follow, mainly just to eat the correct amount food and to have a balanced diet. However depending on the season and competitions the diet will change. Our diet should be made up of about 55% of carbohydrates, this source is what gives us our endurance to play sport. ...read more.


Harvard step test 12 minutes run Multistage fitness test How many times you can: Do sit-ups in a certain time Station 1 - Sit-ups Station 2 - Squats Station 3 - Skipping Station 4 - Heel raises Station 5 - Push-ups Station 6 - Throwing and catching Station 7 - Side stretches Station 8 - Short sprints Week two and five Week two and five we are mainly to focus on the set up of the game, these being offense and defence work, and carrying out basic tests, and how we can improve on them. During this week, our aim is to carry out a number of fitness tests that I feel are needed in the game of basketball, and things that affect your game, such as slow reaction etc. Week three & six Activity Monday Warm Up Weights 3 circuits Cool down Tuesday Warm Up Pressure training (shooting) Cool down Wednesday Warm up multi stage fitness test Cool Down Thursday Warm up Balance testing Reaction testing Shooting Cool down Friday Warm up Flexibility testing Agility runs Defensive work Cool down Saturday Warm up Offensive work Circuits Cool down Sunday Rest Weeks three and six Weeks three and six are going to cover all areas of basketball. From endurance testing, to agility and strength. This is because the person may be getting bored focusing on one specific thing for a week; therefore, this will break up the training program. When doing this in week six, you are fully reedy for the basketball season. Week three & six Activity Monday Warm Up Shooting drills Agility tests Circuit training Cool down Tuesday Warm Up Continuos training (including running, and shooting) Cool down Wednesday Warm up Gym work, working on power Power tests, reaction and flexibility tests Cool Down Thursday Rest day Friday Warm up fartlek training Defence and offense work Cool down Saturday Light game Sunday Warm up 3 mile run cool down warm up shooting drills Physical Education Nadine Okyere Training program Mr. Ziebeck ...read more.

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