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Trainning Programme

Extracts from this document...


Planning The main purpose of my training programme would be to develop my level of cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and also improve my performance in netball. Endurance is probably the most important aspect of fitness and most training usually concentrates on it. Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart and lungs to keep supplying oxygen in the bloodstream to the body to provide the energy to sustain physical movement. This means that to be able to continue exercising at a high level demand displays the level of my cardiovascular endurance. Muscular endurance is the ability of the muscles, or a group of muscles, to keep working against a resistance. So, the amount of dynamic strength I have, relates to the amount of muscular endurance I have. I hope over the 6 sessions, to have improved in these areas and, by completing the programme, I may have enhanced other areas such as stamina or flexibility. But by the end of my training program my main aim is that I have improved my level of endurance. I want to be able to perform at a higher level for a longer period of time. To establish my current fitness level I need to examine my present activity program, and sample some fitness tests. Below I have displayed a table of which exercises I do each week; Time Table of my dancing each week: Time: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: 6.45 - 7.30pm Contemporary 7.15 - 8pm Tap 7.30 - 8pm Pointe (ballet) 7.30 - 8.15pm Ballet 8 - 9pm Showclass 8.15 - 9pm Jazz 8.45 - 9.30pm Ballet I have never had any major injuries. Sometimes I may pull a muscle from not warming up properly or not cooling down after exercise, but I have never done any damage. I do not have any health problems such as asthma. I would say I'm not as fit as I could be, but I am a lot fitter than others as I dance regularly. ...read more.


Target: 82 Target: 82 Target: 85 Achieved: 72 Achieved: 69 Achieved: 80 Achieved: 77 Achieved: 85 Achieved: 87 Squats Target: 20 Target: 40 Target: 45 Target: 57 Target: 58 Target: 60 Achieved: 45 Achieved: 47 Achieved: 55 Achieved: 58 Achieved: 60 Achieved: 60 Ski Jumps Target: 5 Target: 5 Target: 9 Target: 12 Target: 12 Target: 13 Achieved: 9 Achieved: 10 Achieved: 11 Achieved: 12 Achieved: 13 Achieved: 15 Sit Ups Target: 20 Target: 30 Target: 45 Target: 49 Target: 50 Target: 53 Achieved: 45 Achieved: 49 Achieved: 49 Achieved: 50 Achieved: 51 Achieved: 56 Ladder Target: 10 Target: 10 Target: 14 Target: 16 Target: 16 Target: 17 Achieved: 13 Achieved: 14 Achieved: 15 Achieved: 13 Achieved: 16 Achieved: 17 Cones Target: 10 Target: 10 Target: 15 Target: 16 Target: 17 Target: 19 Achieved: 13 Achieved: 15 Achieved: 16 Achieved: 16 Achieved: 18 Achieved: 19 Ball to Wall Target: 30 Target: 35 Target: 45 Target: 50 Target: 52 Target: 55 Achieved: 38 Achieved: 39 Achieved: 49 Achieved: 52 Achieved: 53 Achieved: 56 Short Sprints Target: 10 Target: 16 Target: 17 Target: 25 Target: 27 Target: 30 Achieved: 17 Achieved: 14 Achieved: 21 Achieved: 26 Achieved: 28 Achieved: 29 Step Ups Target: 30 Target: 32 Target: 35 Target: 38 Target: 41 Target: 45 Achieved: 34 Achieved: 35 Achieved: 36 Achieved: 40 Achieved: 45 Achieved: 47 Short sprints is highlighted in yellow. I changed it to side steps after the first week as I realised it was not demanding enough and was too like the cones. I have explained this in my commenting on the programme on the next page. Comments on Results after Each Session Session Brief comments after each session: 1 On my first station sit ups, I beat my target easily by doing 15 more sit ups than I had actually set myself. I found this was also the case on a few of my other stations, such as skipping ropes, squats, sit ups, and short sprints. ...read more.


I have managed to accomplish my targets and as a result improve my skills in netball. I have reached my target of being able to have more force behind my throw and this is due to my ball to wall exercise within my circuit. I am very pleased with the results I have gained. I have also been able to dodge more players and run for the ball more due to my increase of endurance. My increase of cardiovascular endurance in netball is due to my exercises in my circuit. It has had a positive effect on my performance and improved my progress. Throughout the six weeks I had my ups and downs. There were times when I did not want to push myself any further and felt as though I was not achieving anything. However, I realised it was all worth it in the end when I looked back on my results and realised I had really progressed. I was satisfied to see that I had achieved what I had set out to do and increase my performance levels overall by working to my limit. I knew I worked to my limit as I pushed myself as hard as I could in each exercise to ensure I gained the best results at the end of it. I also made sure that I had enough water with me and had eaten beforehand to enable myself to work to my limit. If I continued with my training programme, I feel that I would not make any changes. I was very pleased with the way my circuit turned out and feel I could make no more changes to it. However, after a few more weeks I feel that my circuit may become tedious and boring. Therefore I would then change the order of my exercises, but still making sure the exercises were alternate from cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance exercises. By changing the order of my exercises it would make my circuit more varied and less tedious. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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