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Unit 2 pe btec

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Unit 2 Health, Safety and Injury in Sport D2 Shin Guards Shin guards can reduce the force of hard blows by up to 77 percent, and that can mean the difference between a bump and a broken bone. Shin guards are mainly used to protect the lower leg against contact injuries. ...read more.


The fascia covering the muscles is inelastic, so when a muscle swells a lot it is being contained by the fascia and this can actually cause significant damage. Repetitive blows to the leg can cause the fascia to scar down, become even tighter, and greatly increase a person's chance for developing compartment syndrome. ...read more.


For soccer, goal keepers and forwards will need shin guards of the lightest weight because of their need for quick movements; midfielders a more heavy duty shin guard because of the more common reoccurrence of tackles; defensive players should have as heavy and as protective shin guards as they can comfortably wear. The simple answer is that if you don't fancy a range of serious leg injuries then shin guards are both your best friend and your most loyal protector. ...read more.

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