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Warm up for badminton.

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Badminton The warm up is very important as the exercises are very demanding. The warm-up will increase blood flow and heart rate as well as warm-up muscles and joints. This will prevent any physical injury. * Light jogging * Stretching * Specific warm up- Badminton rally skills Pulse raiser - To begin with my pulse raiser will consist of a number of activities. First I will start by jogging to the yellow line when there do 5 star jumps while trying to hit the shuttlecock in the air with out dropping you can move if needed. (Not to high) Then run back and let your pair do the same. Once pair has finished. Side step to the white line, twisting your body from left to right. For example when you start of side step face one way, on the next side step turn and face the other way. ...read more.


Slowly bring in your elbows, until you feel the stretch on your chest muscles. Aim to keep your elbows high during the stretch, and slowly push your chest out. Remember to breathe comfortable throughout the stretch. Back stretches- Lie on your back, with your legs bent up towards you, Keeping your upper back firmly on the floor, gently lower your knees to one side, and your arms the opposite side, hold for about 20 seconds, then repeat on the other side. Allow your lower back to rotate naturally to the side, however if any pain is felt avoid this stretch. Do the stretch three times for each side. Hamstring muscles- Lie on your back, bending one leg and keeping that foot on the floor to prevent you lifting your body during the stretch. ...read more.


Same for both groups, Start with one shuttlecock at one end of the line and rally to your partner once your partner has got it she will rally to the next person opposite and to the right of you keeping doing this. Once the shuttlecock is at the end of the line the end person will run to the beginning with the shuttlecock and start the rally of again do this for two minutes then take two steps back and start again but this time you will be further away. Light jogging light jogging warms the muscles. This increases their flexibility and reduces the risk of injury. It also increases heart rate and blood flow. Stretching increases the range of the movement of joints. This activity reduces the risk of damage to muscles tendons and ligaments from straining. The specific warm up works your muscles as well as preparing you mentally. ...read more.

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