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We warm up in order to raise our body temperature and heart rate and it improve our exchange of oxygen from haemoglobin.

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We warm up in order to raise our body temperature and heart rate and it improve our exchange of oxygen from haemoglobin and the warm up should include: : Gentle exercise for the whole body, such as light jogging, this gradually increases heart rate, breathing and blood supply to the muscles. It warms up our muscles and prepares us mentally for the session : Gentle stretching, to prepare muscles, ligaments and joints : Practising techniques and skills to be used in the session and we warm up for three reasons: To prevent injury. To improve our performance. To prepare psychologically for the event. And warm up provide a smooth transition from rest to the intensity of the main activity. ...read more.


My cool down will be long for at least ten or fifteen minutes. I am trying to get rid of any injury of the part of the body. Yes we hold on to stretches longer in cool down not to cause injury and get rid or lactic acid. Yes I am focussing on a particular sport ,the sport is basketball and I need to perform at a high level in that sport because of my dribbling, passing and throwing. Circuit training is a series of exercise in a special order called circuit which I have designed six station and the six stations are: : Station one Drop step and sprint : Station two Running and chest pass : Station three Running : Station four Movement ...read more.


To improve on my skills. I am doing this activity to improve the level of my fitness and skills. To achieve and improve in my circuit training I should work at upper end of my target heart rate. I could measure my improvement by time or distance, it could take about ten or fifteen minutes to recover from the activity. It is aerobic activity. Continuous training is different exercise which have got long, slow, distance training High-intensity continuous training. Yes I am relating it to athletics My basic level of fitness (cooper 11 or 12 minutes) My first session will long for at least 10 minutes. The type of continuous I am going to do is jogging. The target heart rate zone I will be working at long and fast. I can measure the progress by time and how long. ...read more.

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