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Weight Training Raises Your Basal Metabolism.

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Weight Training Raises Your Basal Metabolism Perhaps the biggest advantage of weight training for the average person is that well-toned muscles burn more calories than unworked muscles. Working out regularly with weights will boost your metabolism to the point that you are burning more calories even when just sitting down watching TV. Aerobics may burn more calories while you are doing it, but the effects of weight training last far longer after you leave the gym. This is very important once you reach the age of thirty. It's a natural fact of life that as we get older our metabolism slows down. A calorie intake that once maintained our bodyweight now starts piling inches around the waist. ...read more.


We may laugh at the old saying "I've fallen and I can't get up," but brittle bones in old age is no laughing matter. And even though the condition is more prevalent in elderly women, everyone is at risk. We now know that weight training not only strengthens muscles but bones as well. It does this by increasing the absorption rate of minerals into bones. It also seems to prevent the loss of existing minerals. We should add that weight training won't prevent osteoporosis completely, but it does go a long way towards reducing its effects. Weight training also allows sufferers to lead more active lives. ...read more.


It stands to reason that someone whose muscles are capable of lifting heavier loads will suffer less injuries. As with osteoporosis, weight training does not provide 100% protection, but it does put the odds in your favor. Weight Training Decreases Blood Pressure As with any form of exercise, weight training reduces blood pressure in the long run. There's nothing like regular exercise to keep the arteries clear of fatty deposits. It is the build-up of fat that reduces the size of blood vessels, thus forcing the heart to pump harder to get the same amount of blood delivered to the cells. Weight training, especially if done at a fast pace, helps keep the arteries clear of fat build-up, the end result being lower blood pressure. ...read more.

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