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What are the different groups of customers that would be interested in using a new Leisure Facility?

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What are the different groups of customers that would be interested in using a new Leisure Facility? One of the first things to consider is the possible target areas we should be aiming our Leisure Centre at, in order to do this accurately I will now draw up five different (perhaps stereotyped) groups to assess what kind of people we are looking at. People of all different ages, sexes, sizes and ability will be using the leisure centre but I will try and define these people into five groups. The first thing we need to consider is gender; obviously there are only two types of gender. ...read more.


Then there is a group from around thirty to fifty who often use the Leisure Centre but not as much as the generation down. Then there is the fifty plus group who can occasionally be seen at the gym but not all that often. Finally I will consider the different physical abilities off people using a Leisure Facility. There are people who just want to maintain personal fitness using gym and sporting facilities on are fairly regular basis. Then there are the people (often young males) who are looking to build up strength (muscle) and gain that desired six pack. Then there are there unfit or overweight who have turned to the Leisure Centre in order to regain fitness. ...read more.


Age? Around 20 - 35 Sex? Usually always male. The Youth What facilities would they use? Swimming Pool, recreational areas (pool tables, table tennis) and possibly the gym. Why? Simply for enjoyment and socialising. Age? 8 - 16 Sex? Both. The Woman What facilities would they use? The gym, swimming pool and aerobics are all popular. Why? To keep up fitness, and enjoyment. Age? 18 - 35 Sex? Female The Elder What facilities would they use? The gym, especially rowing and running machines and swimming pools. Why? To maintain fitness and feel younger. Age? 50 + Sex? Both, although men are more common. The General User What facilities would they use? Pretty much everything, games like badminton and squash are popular/ Why? Maintaining fitness and enjoyment. Age? 18 - 40 Sex? Both. Jamie Morgan Business Studies ...read more.

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