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What can I do to increase my stamina when it comes to running, anything more than 10 minutes is totally exhausting even though I am fit for swimming and cycling?

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What can I do to increase my stamina when it comes to running, anything more than 10 minutes is totally exhausting even though I am fit for swimming and cycling? Running is a physically challenging activity that must be developed gradually over time. Spend two sessions a week preparing your body for the action of running: resistance training of the lower limbs to develop muscular strength and endurance and a focus on flexibility is vital. Dedicate three specific days a week to running and give yourself differing goals for each running session. For example day one may be to complete a series of 5 minute runs, day two may be to run as long as you can at a low rate of intensity, day three may be to alternate between walking, jogging, running changing discipline every minute or so. Look to increase your duration and intensity and build a base level so that after six weeks your aim should be to run 25-30 mins in duration. Why is it that I can run well on a treadmill but when I run outside I find it much harder? There are two reasons for this. The first is that you encounter no air resistance whilst running indoors; the second is because the treadmill is actually providing some of the movement that outside you must produce by yourself. ...read more.


Conversely, not every woman is satisfied by "Dancemania" and therefore they want to do some weight training but feel a little intimidated working out next to a couple of bodybuilders lifting half of Sheffield's steel production. What are the general benefits of exercise? There are many varied benefits to exercise - here are a few: ? Helps to control body fat by burning it directly and by helping to build lean muscle (reducing coronary heart disease -CHD risk). ? Lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure (again reducing risk of CHD). ? Promotes the 'feel-good' factor (by promoting sleep, giving you a sense of having more energy). ? Enables you to take part in a wider range of activities. Obviously these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. Exercise will have benefits during every stage of your life. Children require it to help them to grow, adults need it to sustain a healthy lifestyle, expecting mothers should exercise to help produce a healthy baby, and the old need it to stop them from becoming weaker and less independent. Food For Thought - Are You Eating Wisely? The issue of healthy foods is one that is very complex and, as such, can often draw varied opinions. Each person seems to have a different idea of what are 'right' and 'wrong' foods. ...read more.


A good workout will leave you with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Details of heart rate training zones and weight requirements are detailed within Gym Fitness Programmes. 7. Insufficient water intake: Often forgotten and very important. Your body needs water in order to function effectively. Therefore, it is especially important to drink water whilst training as the body naturally uses more fluid when exercising. Pure water is the most beneficial type. 8. Inadequate stretching: Warming up the muscles by stretching before weight training is vital to avoid injury. The best time to stretch is following an aerobic activity (e.g. an exercise bike) as your muscles will be warm and pliable. 9. Not cooling down: It is common practice for people to finish their workout and retreat to the changing room without cooling down properly. A few moments to lower your heart rate and stretch your muscles again will help improve flexibility and prevent the onset of muscle soreness. As a result, you will be ready and raring to go for your next workout! 10. Consumption of too many energy drinks and bars: Unless you are working out for more than two hours a day, you should not need to supplement your diet with high energy drinks or bars. These products often contain high calorific values and, therefore, will not assist someone who is trying to lose weight. A healthy diet with good measures of carbohydrates, protein and vitamins will be sufficient for most individuals' requirements. ...read more.

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