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Why it is important to warm up and warm down?

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Warming up & warming down coursework Introduction Just before we enter a game weather it is football, basketball, swimming or rugby you must always warm up the parts of your body so that they get used to a game and also to avoid injury by pulling a muscle. After the game as well you must warm down which is just is the reverse of what you did for warming up apart from that when you stretch you hold it for longer. Why it is important to warm up A warm up used at the beginning of an exercise or activity to improve your performance and to prevent injury. It is very critical when you warm up because if you didn't you would face problems which could harm your career because if you were a footballer and ...read more.


All the things I have mentioned improves the performance, this is why you are supposed to warm up and also the higher the temperature in the body is the more easily nerve messages can travel through your body. If you have a high temperature your reflexes and your muscular are much better which will reduce the risk of injuries. The three phases of warming up 1) General warm up The first thing to do when warming up is to do exercises, which will warm up the whole of your body and this should last five to ten minutes, it depends on your temperature. The aim of General warm up is to increase the temperature of your body, increase the temperature of your muscles and to increase the amount of blood flowing to you muscles. ...read more.


So he would stretch the Achilles, Calf, Quadriceps, hamstring, and the Groin. (Below are how to do the stretches) Why it is important to warm down It is also critical that you warm down because it is just as bad as warming up, when you warm down the main thing is to disperse lactic acid and to allow your heart rate to decrease at a steady pace so that your body gets back to normal and you can breath more easily then when you are running around playing what ever sport in which you are doing. Warming down takes longer than warming up because you have to do twice as long stretching, so when you are warming up and you stretch it takes ten to fifteen seconds but when you warm down you hold it for twenty five to thirty seconds. Also it is critical for the removal of preventing pull blood in your blood steam. ...read more.

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