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“Examination Day” by HenrySlesar - Assessed.

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Unlike many other science fiction short stories, I found "Examination Day" by Henry Slesar, very interesting and very cleverly written. In some ways this story is written almost as a threat or a reality slap. The story is about a typical family living in a typical house living a typical life. In the Jordan's there is Mr. Jordan, Mrs. Jordan and their son Dickie Jordan. It is Dickie's 12th birthday and he has huge expectations for his day of celebration but when he comes to the breakfast table there is an awkwardness he does not understand. Tensions are mounting from the very start of the story; it gets us asking questions even in the first sentence. "The Jordan's never spoke of the exam..." this entices the reader to read on. ...read more.


Even more suspense is given to the reader when we only get the first question, of what seams to be a regular test. The story then goes back to the house where Mr. and Mrs. Jordan are waiting by the phone. I think that the ending of this short story is very well written and cleverly thought out. It is not a regular school test. Yes, it is an exam testing the standard of your learning rate, but you are not hoping to do well but to do badly. It is a totally unexpected twist. With the last words said by the official being "You may specify by telephone..... Whether you wish for the body interred by the government or would you prefer a private burial place? ...read more.


I think that the more you read this story the more you will get out of it. In a way, this story is what you make of it. To me it is about government taking away some of the most important human rights, equality and freedom of speech. The Government are keeping the population in order by killing, murdering the people they feel threatened by. Could our future be like this? Are we heading in that direction? I really do hope not, but this story really does make you think about these issues. As a whole, I really enjoyed this story. IT made me think about the world that we live in today and where it is headed. It is a great story with a good structure of an excellent start, middle and end. This story has good techniques creating suspense for the reader and a need to read on. A story thoroughly enjoyed. ...read more.

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