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GCSE: Politics

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  1. Citizenship - participating in society

    I then chose to make a powerpoint presenation because the pupils would enjoy it as all the animations move and this would get them interested in the topic. The powerpoint played a huge part of the lesson as it was one of our main sources of evidence. Student's declaration: I declare that I have produced the work involved without external assistance apart from any which is acceptable under the scheme of assessment and is recorded. Signature: Date: Teacher's declaration: I declare that the student's activities have been kept under regular supervision and that, to the best of my knowledge, no

    • Word count: 3648
  2. personal exercis programme

    'Intensity' is how hard the exercise is. When trying to improve you cardiovascular fitness, as I am, you should only be working at the sixty to eighty percent threshold of your maximum heart rate. As training progresses and the individual is meeting the sixty percent target without tiring, the target zone may be upped to sixty-five percent. This will ensure that the person is progressing rather than staying at a consistent level of fitness where they are not working to their maximum potential.

    • Word count: 3778
  3. J. S. Mill Despre Libertate

    �n 1848 tipareste lucrarea sa economica fundamentala "Principii de economie politica", "considerata un gen de sumum al economiei clasice"[1,pag.217]. Ulterior va mai publica lucrarile: "Despre libertate" (1859) si "Utilitarismul" (1861). Legea Valorilor Internationale �n cuv�ntul sau de deschidere la cel de-al treile congres al asociatiei economistilor dedicat chiar relatiilor economice internationale, Paul Samuelson �n raportul lui de deschidere spunea vizavi de Mill, "J.S. Mill este dupa parerea mea cel mai necunoscut dintre economisti : motivele sunt simple, era prea modest, prea eclectic, prea clar ; si a avut ghinionul sa-I apara lui Karl Marx ca un rival care trebuia cobor�t la rangul unui economist burghez murdar.

    • Word count: 4401

    It was estimated of about 600,000 Jews flee from various Arab states (History in a Nutshell - http://www.conceptwizard.com/conen/conflict_2.html). Nevertheless, from 1987-1991, and in 2000, 'Intifada' - which are Palestinian armed rebellions, occurred (Can the Palestinian/Israeli conflict be solved by Peace talks? - Keeping peace in the world, Watts 2006) This Palestinian uprising were set up by Yasser Arafat and in 1963 the Arab League established the Palestine Liberation Organisation (Kay Prag- Israel and the Palestinian Territories, 2002) this led to hostility to both sides.

    • Word count: 4000
  5. Free essay

    Consider the view that the liberal government reforms 1906-1914 were more concerned with the maintenance of Edwardian society than its radical overhaul

    some reforms did reach extremely far reaching measures, making it easy to understand why one would come to the opinion that the acts passed were those of radical sincerity. Other problems are that when researching reform bills passed there have only been a selected few mentioned. If each reform passed in this period was to be investigated the question proposed for discussion would greatly exceed the expected words of the essay. To establish authenticity to the view that the liberal government reforms were acts of maintaining Edwardian society this essay will include information on vital events leading up to each reform that I feel is of great significance for the validity of the essay.

    • Word count: 3229
  6. Free essay

    Reforms of Turkey under Mustafa Ataturk, with regards to the revelutions from above

    Finally as conclusion will be made by relating it back to amount of success his work bought about to the country throughout his rule and ultimately comparing it to Iran. The reason for this comparison is that Iran undertook many of the same reforms at a similar period of time, however, these reforms failed to be successful in Iran but worked well in Turkey, therefore it is essential to understand the reasoning behind this. It is important to define what a state is and how it should be structured, Max Weber poses a great example of how a state should be organized and how power should be central and using this as a tool legitimately in order to penetrate society.

    • Word count: 3888
  7. Pakistan's Political and Economic Development

    The military is an essential part of the Pakistan political set up. It would be hard to imagine the state of Pakistan without a strong army who interferes in policy matters and has a strong say in the functioning of the government.1 It is important to analyze and ask why the military has such a stronghold. And why the civilian governments have not been able to sustain themselves and eventually pave the way for a democratic tradition? Part of the answer lies in at the heart of independence. At independence there was a lack of a political setup which gave rise to the British style of governance - a strong bureaucracy.2 This

    • Word count: 3201
  8. Free essay

    To what extent was Sir Robert Peel responsible for the conservative party break up in 1846?

    These ideas were shown in all of Peel legislation put forward to his part in the year 1841-1846. The first mistake peel made as prime minister was in the organisation of his cabinet. Peel left out Benjamin Disraeli who believed he deserved a post in government. This meant that Peel had created bitter and lasting enemies who would always be looking out for opportunities for revenge. This mistake later cost Peel his parties support after Disraeli's anti-peel propaganda turned his party against him.

    • Word count: 3160
  9. How far has the release of Nelson Mandela in 1990 influenced South Africa's social, economic and political situation?

    Following Mandela's life sentence he was sent to Robben Island, a harsh penal colony for black political prisoners. Despite his imprisonment Mandela was the single most influential figure in the ANC and the world's most famous political prisoner. Throughout his political life Mandela's central political concern was the dismantling of apartheid. Apartheid means separation of the races in Afrikaans, and was a system of racial separation in South Africa from 1948 - 1994.. It originates from the Boers (Dutch) that settled in South Africa in the 17th Century. According to their church - The Dutch Reformed Church - blacks were an inferior race.

    • Word count: 3144
  10. Devolution is not a "constitutional settlement" but a dynamic (and potentially destabilising) process. Explain and discuss this contention.

    Not surprisingly, the first state to actively seek devolution was Northern Ireland. The UK, primarily England, has a long and arduous past history with Northern Ireland, and as early as 1922, there were laws put into place to ensure Northern Irish governments had some from of self governance. This continued for many decades, although with blips along the way. Northern Ireland currently has the most 'independent' government and out of the three states, holds the most control over its own affairs. "Devolution for Northern Ireland, as developed in the 1998 Good Friday agreement, was a pragmatic decision, imposed of necessity on a bitterly divided community that had already had decades of experience of devolved government.

    • Word count: 3072
  11. What is Politics

    Modern society is highly complex. individuals argue over many different interests, values and beliefs. Conflict does not just take place between individuals, however. It also exists between larger groups between countries as well as within them. According to one viewpoint, the aim of politics is to remove conflict so that people can live in reasonable harmony with each other. In other words, the aim of politics is to produce consensus - a broad agreement over what people want and what they believe is right. Conflict. So, politics is about conflict. In Britain the Conservative and Labour Parties embody the disagreements between conservatives and socialists.

    • Word count: 4066
  12. Nationalism as applied to business

    It must be noted that in Indian English, nationalism does not have a negative connotation, as it does in much of Europe and North America.[1] Nationalism and politics The political identity of the Indian National Congress, India's largest political party and one which controlled government for over 45 years, is reliant on the connection to Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, and the Nehru-Gandhi family which has controlled the Congress since independence. The Congress Party's fortunes up till the 1970s were single-handedly propelled by its legacy as the flagship of India's Independence Movement, and the core platform of the party today evokes that past strongly, considering itself to be the guardian of India's freedom, democracy and unity.

    • Word count: 5126
  13. The causes and the political and social consequences of the Dreyfus Affair in France

    The Commandant pleaded an injured hand and asked Alfred Dreyfus to write a strange letter, which included sentences from a document "the bordereau" and this document was written by a French spy which had been found in the waste bin of a German officer. It was talking about the delivery of important information. The atmosphere was tense; Dreyfus was trembling and was very cold, and thus the officers who were observing him found it incontestable that he was guilty of treason.3 On the 15th of October, Dreyfus was arrested on the charge of high treason and he was sent to the "Cherche-Midi" prison.

    • Word count: 4275
  14. What is Politics UK politics revision notes

    * "Liberal Democracy" * A form of representative democracy. * Reflects the importance of individual and property rights. * Avoid 'Tyranny of the Majority' - a dominant party dictating policy. * Favours proportional representation. * "Social Democracy" * Enhance social and economic equality * Comprehensive Welfare State system and protection of workers rights. * Germany's constitution says its citizens should be protected by a 'Welfare State'. * "Free market enables wealthy to operate power". * "Direct Democracy" * Enables all concerned citizens to participate equally to form and implement all political decisions.

    • Word count: 4207
  15. Minority Rights, Identity Politics and Gender in Bangladesh: Current Problems and Issues

    make up 0.26%. Biharis are generally Sunni Muslims. The exact number of ethnic groups in Bangladesh remains contested. Hindus and Christians essentially are scattered over different parts of the country, while the indigenous population is largely concentrated in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and the plain land Adivasis inhabit the border areas of the northwest and northeast. The Biharis who are considered stateless people and represent linguistic minority groups are concentrated in and around the capital city, Dhaka as well in the northern districts of Syedpur and Rangpur. Despite the fact that there exists a whole range of minorities in Bangladesh, especially religious groups, the Constitution of Bangladesh does not distinguish these groups from the majority population.

    • Word count: 8831
  16. How significant was The First World War in the Labour Party's rise to second-party status?

    With the absence of manpower on the home front, women were called to the workplace to fill the void and the 'war economy' saw the Government initiate a program of nationalization on the major production industries to maximise efficiency and product indexes. The human sacrifice displayed by the British population during The First World War did not go unnoticed by Parliament and the post war National Government did not waste time reforming the franchise in 1918. The Representation of the People Act enfranchised almost all adult males over 21, regardless of class and lodging, and for the first time saw the vote given to adult women aged over 30.

    • Word count: 3017
  17. Select And Explain The Most Important Turning Points In Nelson Mandela's Life

    This was the beginning of Mandela's driving ambition for a free South Africa. At the age of 21, Nelson Mandela decided to run away to Johannesburg in order to escape arranged marriage. Eventually Mandela gained a law degree at Heal Town Methodist College. His peers introduced him to not only local politics but national politics as well. Nelson Mandela being brought up in an environment sheltered from the segregation people from ethnic minorities faced in South Africa. Was exposed to the full extent, which Apartheid affected the lives of people for the first time when he moved to Johannesburg.

    • Word count: 5056
  18. A Critical Evaluation of UK's ID Card schemeA Government's proposal to monitor its Citizens

    Anyone who had lived through the Second World War in the UK will probably remember such a scheme having been introduced then. The wartime version however, was quite simply a" two ply blue coloured paper based document detailing the citizen's most basic of details (Photo, Name, address and National Insurance Number)" [1] The document would typically have been required to be produced in conjunction with a ration book for obtaining food and other goods and services, and to be displayed upon request to officials for identification verification.

    • Word count: 3225
  19. Legislators have three essential functions: representation, law-making and control of the executive. How does the Bundestag perform these three activities and how well does it do them?

    As an outcome, constituency seats, which a party acquires in addition to the seats to which it is entitled to on the basis of the second vote, are called overhang mandates. These extra seats could cause the obligatory minimum number of 598 members provided for by the Federal Electoral Law to be exceeded. All members are elected for a limited term of four years. In regard to gender, the Bundestag forms one of the highest female representative parliaments in Europe.

    • Word count: 4123
  20. British History Coursework: The Irish Famine 1845-1849

    They did not feel it was right to put money into relieving the plight of the British poor, so they were even more opposed to intervening for the benefit of the Irish poor, whom most of the British felt were inferior and were rightly kept in their place by the Free trade policy. In 1801 the Irish Constitution was annulled in the Act of Union, and by the 1820's eighty percent of Irish land was owned by British or Scottish land owners, who were often absentee landlords.

    • Word count: 4974
  21. WWI, The Twenty-One Demands and The May Fourth Movement

    On February 12, 1912, the Qing boy emperor Puyi abdicated, ending Manchu rule in China. On March 10 Yuan Shikai was sworn in a provisional president of the Republic of China. From this position he manipulated the government and constitution, effectively creating a military dictatorship with him as 'emperor'. After his death in 1916, the Warlord Period in China began. Each province was ruled by an independent warlord, who fought others in a quest for control over China, forcing the majority of the population into an enormous famine.

    • Word count: 5276
  22. Was the Provisional Government fatally weakened from the first? Notes

    Soviets soon appeared in all the major cities and towns of Russia. The soviets were to play an increasingly important role in the development of the Revolution, but in the early stages the Bolsheviks did not dominate them and so the soviets not necessarily opposed to the Provisional Government at that point. It was significant, however, that even before the Bolshevik influence became predominant, the ability of the Petrograd Soviet to restrict the Provisional Government's authority had been clearly revealed. In one of its first moves as an organisation the Petrograd Soviet had issued its 'Soviet Order Number 1': "The orders of the military commission of the Provisional Government are to be obeyed only in such instances when they do not contradict the orders and decrees of the soviet."

    • Word count: 3237
  23. How and why did Federation occur?

    * Britain's monarch is the Australian Head of state with the Governor General their representative. The parliament is, made up of a Lower House - The House of Representatives which is voted on in electorates and determined by one person, one vote (generally). The Upper House - The Senate has an equal number of representatives for each State. The PM is the leader of the largest political Party in the House of Representatives. * There are 3 levels of Government in Australia - Federal (Australia), State (NSW)

    • Word count: 3707
  24. Political parties and representation

    I shall then turn to consider some of the patterns of political party competition and representation that have emerged with the 'third wave' of democratization, especially in relation to Africa. (1) What broad functions do parties perform? (Blondel, Comparative Government, Ch.ll; Harrop & Miller; Heywood Ch.12). (a) Handle conflicts: mediate between groups and settle conflicts peacefully within parameters of democratic system. (b) Formulate policies - either themselves, or by acting as points at which other bodies, mainly interest groups, put pressure to get their policies adopted ( especially common in US), though interest groups may also approach governments/ministries directly. (c)

    • Word count: 3753
  25. The debate over immigration and French identity is one of the most controversial questions facing contemporary France.

    The French Revolution, the Enlightenment and certain ideologies that resulted from it, such as social darwinism, had combined to produce a racialized view of the nation as an independent biological entity, from which races who threatened to weaken it were to be excluded. (stovall)only in the twentieth century this weakness became associated with differences in skin color. On the other side, specific economic, political and social circumstances can give reason to a wide range of discriminations, not necessarily based on skin colour.

    • Word count: 4555

Politics GCSE

Politics GCSE deals with how the decisions of politicians affects our daily lives and how we organise our democracy in the UK. It looks at how the world of politics is arranged and how laws are created, how elections are carried out and how protest groups can make their voices heard.

You will gain a valuable insight into the political world and gain a wealth of knowledge that will allow you to really understand current affairs. You will need the ability to analyse, argue and discuss in your essay work and Marked by Teachers has a wide range of essay examples, over 1300 of them, which will help you build the key skills you'll need to write strong answers in your Politics examinations.

Controversy and intrigue are never very far away in the political world and the great attraction of Politics as a subject is that by keeping up with newspapers and TV and radio news, new material is available to you all the time, and that really brings the subject to life.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • "Critically evaluate the relationship between Members of Parliament, political parties and pressure groups in the formation of legislation"

    "In conclusion I would say that there are many different factors in the making and passing of legislation. All of these different groups influence it; it is not just a one way system. Though I think that this is good because it allows everybody to get there own views across and to try and change a law they may find oppressive."

  • "It was with politics that the problem lay" To what extent do you agree that the greatest problem facing Russia in 1900 was its out-dated political system?

    "By way of conclusion, it is difficult to judge the greatest problem facing Russia in 1900. There were two real problems: the dissatisfaction amongst three groups- peasants, industrial workers and national minorities; and the discontentment with the political system experienced by most of the nation. Politics as a definition is the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the solution of problems, yet the Tsar and his political system in Russia were too weak to resolve these problems. Although a considerable factor in the problems of turn of the century Russia, the political system would not have been a problem if an effective leader had ruled it. It was more the inequality that the lower classes suffered that proved to be the greatest problem."

  • To what extent do you agree with George Dangerfield’s view that “by the end of 1913, Liberal England was reduced to ashes”?

    "In conclusion the Liberals did not have an easy time in government, but fought their battles valiantly, introducing social reform on the way. In the end the jackhammer blows that came with each ensuing challenge or problem toppled the white knight of Liberalism, yet I believe this was not in 1913, but during the war. The Liberals entered the war shaken, but still ready to fight, sending their trusty stead into the face of adversity, only for it to be defeated by internal problems rather than that of external issues, something I find profoundly ironic given the nature of the external turmoil the Liberals faced in the pre war years."

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