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Absolutism is way of governing over a society or people.

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Ted Sato Social 20 Feb. 18/03 Absolutism Absolutism is way of governing over a society or people. The complete control of a monarchy over their people or country is called absolutism. This governing was popular approximately between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. For this type of government to maintain is power, many things must take. People have to be totally loyal to the ruler. The authority of the monarch came directly from God. No one could questions the ruler. A skilled administration was necessary. Control of economies must be maintained. Large armies must be maintained. Like all governments absolutism has many advantages and disadvantages. Many people strongly believe against absolutism because of the disadvantages. It creates war. There is no choice of religion. There is lack of human rights. ...read more.


Together they work but without the head the body can't exist. This type of reasoning supports absolutism. The effectiveness of absolutism is also shown though Peter the Great. Without him Russia would have never become as large and powerful as it is today. Though Peter the Great, Russia was able to become more modern. They were able to establishing hospitals, schools and printing presses. Though absolutism he defeated Charles XII of Sweden. He was also able to open a major port to the west on the Baltic Sea. Absolutism did work. Some people though that absolutism was not accepted by the people. However this was not true. It was accepted by the people because no one was to question the ruler. They were afraid of the ruler and would not dare to question the ruler. ...read more.


Thomas Hobbes best articulates this by saying, the people must promise complete obedience in return for order and security. The only choice is between absolute power or complete lawlessness. The security and large armies provided by absolutism was bested shown in Russia under the ruling of Catherine the Great. She spent most of her time expanding Russia's boarders to make it bigger and gain ports on the Black Sea. She was able to build an army, which allowed her to accomplish this. Her reign was important for Russia. It shows that the absolutism works. Absolutism is a good system of government. It made many nations stronger. Though great Kings and Queens, absolutism was effective. It gained land. People are nasty and must be controlled by one ruler. For order and security Obedience to one person must be maintained. For these reasons absolutism is a good system of government. ...read more.

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