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Are government justified in controlling the flow of information to their citizens?

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Are government justified in controlling the flow of information to their citizens? What would happen if a government held all information back from their citizens? Would you be willing to trust the government to make the right decisions for you? How would you know that they were going to be a responsible government and heed your wishes as a citizen? The dilemma is that you couldn't know for sure. What if it was an important decision on where your tax dollars were going? How could you trust someone with decisions if they were with holding information from you? In a responsible democratic government information is given to us. But in some cases information is with held about money not because it is a question of national security but because the people behind the decisions are doing it for personal gain. ...read more.


Imagine if the people were informed about everything the government was doing or what they planned to do. This society would be quite unstable. During times of war, the government can validate withholding information for national security. If the government had informed the people of their plans for Operation Overlord, D-Day may not have been successful. Another example is during the Vietnamese war. One reason the Americans were not successful is because they didn't control the media. Discontent over the war grew among their citizens because they were tired of seeing and hearing about their troops being killed. If the government had made the media focus on the positive instead of the negative the people would have supported the war and maybe they would have won. ...read more.


We are not able to think and believe in what we want. The government is taking away our right to freedom. This is why government having complete control over what information is given to us is horrifying. The right of freedom that we have as citizens is taken away when government is given complete control and no one should be able to do that. But when we, as citizens are given all the information we want, it erodes society. For the most part the government should inform its citizens on spending and political issues that affect us. But when it comes to war and national security it is in our best interest that the information should be controlled. A responsible government is a government that watches out for the people's best wishes. And sometimes people aren't informed as much as they could be but it's not always a bad thing. 1 ...read more.

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