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Are we free? (Freedom)

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Gareth Bevan 10-W Are we free? (Freedom) Are we free? This question is asked frequently and can be approached from a number of angles. Literally, being free is having the right to do as one chooses without restriction. This would mean that nobody is truly free as laws and control apply to everyone. A law is a restriction but can also act to help towards freedom. Example; Human Rights laws mean that there are certain conditions that everybody is entitled to in a work place. Some of these conditions mean that people have more freedom than they would if these laws were not implemented. ...read more.


If you take 'we' as being the general public then in this case we are not free. There are laws against people from doing things such as murder, rape, robbery and crime. If somebody decided they wanted to steal, laws say they cant. Whether people listen to these laws effects how free they are as individuals. Being 'free' is described as 'not a slave or under the control of another, having personal rights and social and political liberty, subject neither to foreign domination nor to despotic government'. In Britain we are entitled to freedom of speach and live in a democratic society. ...read more.


'We' can be interpretted in many different ways;us personally, the general public, the whole population and mankind. This makes it hard to answer already because everybody has different backgrounds, live in different places and grow-up in different environments. I consider myself free but still controlled by people in power to a certain extent. People trapped in war camps would not consider themselves free as theyre restricted to moving in cells and doing exactly as theyre told. Freedom of speach does not exist in every country and the media is under control internationally whenever properganda is needed. Everything is checked by the government to make sure it sends out the right message. Nobody can be free in these situations. ...read more.

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