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Describe some party political broadcast by different parties, comparing their use of different techniques, say what their purposes are and decide if they are affective.

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Craig Williams St. Edmund Campion English Assignment Number JCY Describe some party political broadcast by different parties, comparing their use of different techniques, say what their purposes are and decide if they are affective. The first Labour broadcast that I'm going to describe is from the 2001 election. In this broadcast is really upbeat with music from the lighthouse family. Everyone in this broadcast is happy, it shows busy people and it shows beautiful scenery. They show a clip of the Angel of the North, which is also located in the North East. There are celebrities in this such as Geri Halliwell, Olympic Gold Medallist Tammy Grey Tompkinson, a cricket Umpire Dickie Bird and Kevin Whatley does all the commentary at the end of this broadcast. Throughout the broadcast lots of sub-titles come up and tell you what labour have done and what they are going to do. ...read more.


When they got out they raped and killed someone. The inmates are wearing handcuffs when they are getting released but you only wear handcuffs if you are going into jail. The music is very threatening and everyone in this broadcast is lonely. It shows people sitting in their homes because they cannot afford to use their cars and petrol is too expensive. It also shows disabled people in their homes because they also cannot afford to run their busses and vans. Sub-titles come up such as "petrol tax is labours stealth tax" which means labour makes petrol really expensive. It shows an old woman with no food in the fridge because she cannot afford to buy food and run her car. In Labour two this focuses on how to make Britain better. This broadcast also has celebrities such as Terri Dwyer and Garry Lucy from Hollyoaks which are supposed to be a couple and when they vote they feel happy and they are glad they made the effort to vote. ...read more.


There is a lot of commentary in labour two but only a little bit at the end of labour one. In the conservative party there is no commentary at all but there is a lot of threatening music. In labour one and two the music is the same and by the same artist but in the conservative broadcast there is drums bagging and lots of crashes and loud noises. In both the labour party broadcasts it is very upbeat and exciting but in the conservative broadcast it is very boring. In both the labour broadcasts they focus on how to make Britain better but in the conservative party focuses on how to stop labour getting re-elected. I think the labour party's broadcast is the best because it looks better and I like the music is played through out the broadcast. When I am old enough to vote I am going to vote labour because they can change my life and make Britain better. ...read more.

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